Newberg Movers

Newberg is located in the Portland metropolitan area and is home to George Fox University. The 2010 census recorded the city population at 22,110.

After leading innovative fur brigades in California, Ewing Young came to Portland in 1834 and settled himself on the west bank of the Willamette River.Young’s home is understood to be the first house built by European-Americans on the west side of the river.  In 1848, Joseph Rogers later settled nearby at what is now know as Newberg.


In the beginning stages this area was known as Chehalem, and later was changed to Roger’s Landing after Rogers who was the founder of the settlement.  Rogers died in 1855.

The first community in Oregon to hold Quaker services was Newberg. The city was incorporated in 1889. The Newberg Graphic, the town’s newspaper, was established the same year.

Founded by the Quakers in 1885 was Friends Pacific Academy which is now George Fox University.  U.S. News & World Report classified George Fox University as a first-tier regional university and was named a “Best Value” school.  Surrounded by university-owned housing, the campus resides in the center of the town.

Newberg Movers

In 1885, Herbert Hoover moved to Newberg to live with his aunt and uncle after his parents died.  Hoover was one of the very first students to attend his uncle’s Pacific Academy. His home was eventually turned into the Hoover-Minthorn House museum.

For a good part of its early history. Newberg was designated as “dry” town, meaning alcohol could not be sold within the city limits.