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Sherwood is a town in Washington County, Oregon, and is located in the Tualatin Valley southwest of Portland. According to the 2010 census, the population was 18,205 residents.

The Sherwood area was originally settled by the Atfalati band of the Kalapuya nation. The first noteworthy wave of United States emigrants arrived in 1842.  At this time the Native Americans were displaced to reservations after the Donation Land Claim Act of 1850 gave American citizens exclusive ownership of these lands. The relocation process took place under the direction of a sequence of federal employees, most notably Superintendent of Indian Affairs Joel Palmer, who was severely criticized for his inhumane treatment of the tribes.


The California Gold Rush of 1849 caused an intense shift in the region’s economy. Oregon City, Oregon is located on a section of the Willamette River that had always been an attractive trading destination dating back to when trading activity was dominated by the Chinookan tribe.  When colonists of European extraction began arriving in great numbers, Oregon City became the “End of the Oregon Trail”. Portland, Oregon replaced Oregon City as the area’s most significant center of trade and commerce after the Gold Rush.  Sherwood is located within twenty miles of both of these cities.

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The name Sherwood came after the declination of naming the town “Smock Ville” after its co-founders James Christopher and Mary Ellen Smock.  In 1885, the Smocks gave a right-of-way on their property to the Portland and Willamette Valley Railway.  Belief has it that no one, not even the town’s founders, liked the name “Smock Ville,” and so a community meeting was held to rename the town. A prominent businessman, Robert Alexander, suggested the name “Sherwood.” According to post office records, Alexander was from Sherwood, Michigan, and this was the town that was named after Sherwood Forest England. The U.S. Postal Department began sending mail to the Town of Sherwood, Oregon on July 5, 1891. Smock was the first postmaster.

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Money magazine placed Sherwood among the twenty most livable towns in America in 2007.  In August 2009, Family Circle named the city one of America’s most “family friendly” small towns. Sherwood is known to be the home of MLB player Don Wilson.