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Tigard is a city in Washington County, Oregon with a population of 48,035 according to the 2010 census.

Tigard was the state’s 12th largest city as of 2007.  Incorporated in 1961, the city is located south of Beaverton and north of Tualatin, and is part of the Portland metropolitan area. When possible, our Tigard movers utilize Interstate 5 and Oregon Route 217—the main freeways in the city—to expedite your move. Oregon Route 99W and Oregon Route 210 serve as other major highways and rail service is provided by the TriMet operated Westside Express Service.


Although the most notable is without a doubt the Tigard family, the city of Tigard was indeed established by numerous families. Although he would later change the name to “Tigardville,” M. Tigard arrived in ‘East Butte,” an otherwise small location in 1852. There, the Tigard family remained and quickly found themselves involved with organizing and building a local school—the East Butte School. Additionally, the family continued to expand the area by working on a general store and town meeting hall. Soon came other famous buildings including the Emanuel Evangelical church, a blacksmith shop, and more. It wasn’t long before a new East Butte School was built to handle expansive community growth.

Tigard History

Technological advancements such as the Oregon Electric Railway helped evolve the city from a simple farming community to what we know today. It was in fact the railroad that renamed the city—yet again—to Tigard in 1907. This was an attempt to set the developing city apart from its neighboring communities that shared similar names. An area of great historic importance, The John Tigard house that stands proudly at the corner of SW Canterbury Lane and SW 103rd, is protected from demolition and has been since 1970. In 1979, it found itself declared a National Historic Place. Every summer, Portland hosts the Portland Rose Festival, and the Tigard Festival of Balloons takes place just outside Tigard High School.

Tigard Moving Company

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