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Changing The Way Moving Companies Act

A Local Move Deserves a Local Legal Moving Company

  • The Problem

    Our community is plagued and flooded with rouge movers and this has caused an epidemic of poor practices, bad customer service, and movers that should not be in the public’s homes.

    Even though the industry is regulated, the penalty is not enough. Illegal movers are slapped with a meager fine of just $1000 per occasion. No recourse, and no hesitation to get back on the marketing campaign as soon as they get back home.

    Our Solution

    Our goal is to keep the community informed of who is out there using predatory actions to take advantage of our community.

    We will continuously put on blast whoever is stung for being illegal and jeopardizing your possessions and your family. We have approached our local legislators to get the penalty higher to discourage illegal movers who are not eligible to become legal and illegal movers who are just lazy to actually step up and follow the rules.

  • Our Results

    • 44

      44% More
      Articles read about illegal movers

    • 87

      87% More
      Sales increase