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Beaumont-Wilshire Movers

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The Best Moving Company in Beaumont-Wilshire 

Beaumont-Wilshire is one of Portland, Oregon’s most desirable and well-established neighborhoods. It’s made up of two distinct regions – Wilshire to the north and Beaumont to the South – that share a joint Neighborhood Association to protect the community’s interest. 

The population of the neighborhood is 6,059, which is up by 13% since 2010. It’s also a reasonably affluent area as the median household income is $113,000, and the median housing price is $687,500. Many consider it one of the best neighborhoods in Portland for buying a house, as it offers a high quality of life, a scenic ambiance, and easy access to conveniences. 

Thinking of moving to this picturesque neighborhood? Consider hiring qualified Beaumont-Wilshire movers to make your journey a success. Relocating is never easy. You must pack all your belongings, secure, reliable transportation, and load everything into and out of your home without injuring yourself and damaging the property. Instead, enlist the help of a qualified crew to help you get the job done in record time without all the additional stress. 

Dependable Moving Companies in Beaumont-Wilshire 

Finding a dependable crew can be challenging. So you need to be sure to do your due diligence before hiring any Beaumont-Wilshire moving companies. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

How Much Do Movers Cost in Beaumont-Wilshire?

A professional crew will set their rates based on a few factors, including the distance traveled, the size and weight of your belongings, the dates of the relocation, the accessibility of the destination and origin, and whether other additional services are requested. So, to get a handle on the cost, it’s best to request an estimate from any company you plan on hiring. Provide the company of your choice with a few key details relating to your journey, and they’ll be happy to provide you with an affordable estimate. 

What Do Beaumont-Wilshire Movers Do?

A qualified moving company in Beaumont-Wilshire will make your relocation much more organized and stress-free by handling the entire process. The crew will be led by a dedicated moving coordinator, who will direct the project and ensure the team is on the same page. They will also supply boxes, shrink wrap, dollies, handcarts, furniture blankets, and anything else needed while prepping doors, windows and walls to prevent damage. They will then load everything into the truck and ensure it’s transported safely to its final destination. 

How to Choose Good Beaumont Movers?

A qualified crew can make your life much easier, but a team of amateurs will only make things more difficult. So it’s crucial to do some preliminary research. 

  • Read their Google and Yelp reviews to verify they have a good reputation
  • Check their website for key information about the company
  • How long have they been in business? What kind of trucks do they use? Is their crew background checked, etc.?
  • Confirm they are properly licensed and insured 
  • Do they offer the services you need?
  • How is their customer service?

Ultimately, if a company cannot satisfy your needs, you should continue searching until you find the perfect candidate. 
At PDX Movers, we are fully licensed and insured and have served the Portland community for over ten years. We have a 4.8/5 star customer satisfaction rate, and our employees are 100% background-checked. Call us today to request a quote.

Beaumont-Wilshire Moving Services



Relocating is never easy, even if you’re only going around the corner. Whether you’re transitioning to a new home, apartment, or senior living facility, we are happy to help. 


Traveling more than 50 miles? We charge a flat rate for all long-distance moves, and our fleet of dedicated trucks will be with you from start to finish


Changing offices can be stressful in more ways than one. Let our experienced commercial office mover take care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the bigger picture.


Packing is one of the most stressful aspects of moving. Let our crew take care of the entire process from start to finish – including the packing. 


Keep your valuables safe and sound in our full-service storage facility until you’re ready to proceed to your final destination. 


Get help with everyone but the actual transportation including packing, loading, organizing and more.