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Portland International Moving Company

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Don’t worry about your international move! An international relocation can be an exciting opportunity for you. It can also be tricky to plan and carry out, especially if you’re moving with your family or taking many belongings with you. 

We at PDX Movers understand the difficulties of moving overseas. That’s why we offer personalized, efficient, and affordable Portland international moving services. We are proud to serve all of the Greater Portland metropolitan area and the Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA metropolitan statistical area. Portland is in the Pacific Northwest, and we’re happy to help anyone in the area. 

But before you give us a call, you should learn a little about our Portland international movers. Here’s your quick guide.

What Is a Portland International Move?

An international move is any relocation that occurs over international lines, regardless of distance or destination. Most international moves are overseas moves, but you can move by truck to Canada or Mexico. 

When talking with Portland international moving companies, you may hear a few unfamiliar terms. Here are a few essentials you should know about: 
People move internationally and order Portland international moving services for many different reasons. Some people move to get a new job, qualify for a promotion, or retire. Other people to start a new family or get a new start after divorcing or separating from their partner. Students move overseas to attend school or receive job training. You can also move abroad to international destinations to travel, enjoy a sabbatical, or pursue an adventure

How to Move Overseas With PDX Movers

The international moving process requires months of preparation. If you want to save time and enjoy a stress free moving experience, you should hire Portland international movers. Our Portland international moving company can perform each step of the moving process, including customs and support with logistics.

We assign an expert moving coordinator to handle your overseas move. They can help you schedule a move date and obtain the packing materials you need to keep your items secure. They can appoint a team of expert and specially trained packers to pack your furniture, household goods, and valuables securely. Our moving crew can disassemble any furniture you own, including bulky desks and couches. We can help with shipping your car to anywhere in the globe.

Once your boxes are packed, our Portland international shipping company can move your items into crates and prepare them for shipping. If you need storage, we can store your belongings in our warehouse. Once your shipment is ready, you can travel out of country. We can travel to your destination and perform unpacking, appliance reconnecting, and furniture assembly. 

How Much Does a Portland International Move Cost?

The cost of your Portland international moving company can be hard to predict in advance. One major factor that affects your price for Portland overseas movers is how the move happens. Most global moves utilize ships. Ships can hold various containers, including 20-foot-long and 40-foot-long crates and 40-foot-high cubes. The more space you need, the more expensive your move with a Portland international shipping company will be. 

You can order a full container load (FCL) or a less than container load (LCL). An FCL is when your items are the only things in your container, while an LCL is when your items are mixed with other things. An FCL provides better security and more convenience, but it is more expensive. 

Trucks are less expensive to use than ships, but truck moves are only for relocations to Canada and some parts of Mexico. Airplanes are more expensive than trucks and ships, so they’re better for small moves that must happen quickly. 

The cubic feet your shipment will require is the biggest factor in your cost. However, distance is also important. If your move is a very long distance relocation, you will pay higher rates for Portland overseas movers. You should also expect to pay more if you’re moving many items, relocating during a peak season, or ordering additional services like appliance disconnecting. Customs clearance, paperwork, and insurance can also cost extra. 

If you want an accurate estimate, you should reach out to us. Our Portland overseas moving company can conduct a virtual survey, examining your items and determining how expensive it would be to move them. We charge affordable rates for all our services and provide transparent quotes for everything in our catalog.

International Moving Tips From Portland

You should plan for an international move at least three months in advance. Research your destination country and figure out how you can get a visa and apply for it. Every country is different, so be diligent and take notes on what you find. If you’re confused about visa laws and work permits, talk to an immigration lawyer. 

Figure out how you will get essential services in your new home, including healthcare and financial services. Call your bank and ask them if they have an overseas branch. You should also see if you qualify for an international driving license in your new home. Check to see if your appliances, including phones, will work in your destination.

You should gather your important documents, especially your passport and birth certificate. Some countries need to look at your driver’s license or another photo ID to determine your ability to move overseas. 

Start decluttering your home, selling or giving away anything you won’t need. Prioritize getting rid of bulky or heavy items, as they are more expensive to ship than light items. You should also cancel any services you won’t need anymore, like utilities and magazines. Contact a realtor to sell your home or talk to a family member about moving into your residence.
Contact us a few weeks in advance so you schedule your move and get an affordable estimate. Don’t worry about packing your bags or talking to your shipper, as full service movers, we’ll handle that for you.

Agencies and Resources for International Moving

You should visit the websites of these moving international agencies:

Choosing the Best Portland International Moving Company

You should compare your options for Portland international moving companies. Ask your friends, relatives, and work associates if there are any Portland international movers they have used. Then, go online and read Google reviews for a few Portland overseas moving companies. Find a company with extensive experience in moving international and a track record of training its employees for each step of the moving journey.

Once you’ve looked online, you’ll find that PDX Movers is the top Portland international moving company. PDX Movers has nearly 700 positive Google reviews with an average star rating of 4.8. We have 15 years of experience in completing efficient and dependable international moves, and we serve 3,000 customers annually

We employ a crew of 89 professional and reliable employees, conducting full background checks on each of them so you can trust them. Each employee uses top equipment for moving safely and protecting delicate items, including dollies and furniture pads. We train each employee to prepare furniture, transport items, and assemble and disassemble difficult belongings.

We can provide all the support you need for a stress free and smooth overseas move. We offer full service packing services, bringing the best supplies to keep your belongings safe. We can transport bulky items like pianos, safes, and pool tables. When you need storage, you can place your items in our 40,000 square foot facility with custom-built vaults and pallets. 
International moves don’t have to be headaches! PDX Movers has provided the best Portland international moving services for 15 years. We can help with writing a move plan, performing customs clearance, finding documents, and tracking your items to your destination. We serve all of the Greater Portland metropolitan area and the Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA metropolitan statistical area. Call 503-746-8795 for a free moving estimate today.