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Oregon Intrastate Movers

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Time to hit the road! A move to another part of Oregon can help you find work, allow for a fresh start, and help you make connections with others. But every move has its hurdles, especially packing and transferring your belongings.

This is where reliable Portland intrastate movers can help. Our team at PDX Movers has years of experience in moving within Oregon, and we serve the entire Greater Portland Metropolitan area. Here is your guide to our in state services.

What Is an Oregon Intrastate Move?

An intrastate move occurs within the borders of a state. An interstate move occurs when you trek across state lines. Moves into Oregon from another state or from another state into Oregon count as interstate. 

PDX Movers classifies an intrastate move as any move in Oregon more than 50 miles between the origin and destination. A move that is shorter is a local move. You can learn more about our local moving services and long-distance moving services

Moving intrastate can have many advantages. Many people like living in Oregon, but they don’t like their state or local government. You can find a new city or town with better trade and business regulations. Most companies relocate their employees in the same state, so most people who move for a job need intrastate moves. You can also find more affordable housing or a better college by traveling to another part of Oregon. Portland is one of the biggest cities in the Pacific Northwest, so you can enjoy an atmosphere and culture similar to Washington and Idaho in Portland.

The Commerce and Compliance Division of the Oregon Department of Transportation regulates intrastate moves in Oregon. All Oregon in state moving companies must have licenses with the state and give you a Moving Household Goods in Oregon General Information Bulletin. You should always check with the division to make sure the Oregon in state moving company is licensed and insured. PDX Movers has been an insured and licensed company in Oregon since 2008.

We at PDX Movers can handle any intrastate move in Oregon. Some of our most common Oregon intrastate moves include:

How to Move Within Oregon With PDX Movers

With PDX Movers, you receive a complete package of professional Portland intrastate moving services. We believe in personalized care, so we coordinate your move with a dedicated moving coordinator. They will go over your belongings with you and figure out what packing materials you need. If you don’t have wrapping or boxing supplies on hand, we will buy all materials for you, including cardboard boxes. 

Our experienced team can then pack your belongings for you. If you have furniture that must be disassembled, we can disassemble them. While moving your belongings out of your home, we will use hand carts, dollies, and furniture pads to prevent damage to the room. Then we will load everything onto one of our dedicated vans and drive them to your new address. 

At your new home, we will unload everything from the moving truck. If you need items placed in certain rooms, our crew can go inside and drop them off anywhere you want them to be. We can also assemble your furniture and unpack each of your boxes. 

Our crew can handle all types of belongings. We can move electronics, heirlooms, artworks, pianos, and laboratory equipment. We also offer senior moving and apartment moving services

You may think you can handle your transition without help from Oregon statewide movers. But hiring an Oregon statewide moving company has numerous benefits. With help from a team of movers, you won’t strain your legs or cut your hands moving your items. Our dedicated trucks contain tools like straps to keep your items safe during the journey. While our team is taking care of the moving process for you, you can relax and focus on the other things you need to get done, like cleaning your old residence.

How Much Is an Oregon In State Move?

The biggest factors that affect the cost of Oregon intrastate moving companies is distance and volume. The longer the amount of time spent driving, the more money you will need to pay. The more items you bring, the higher your cost will be. 

Others factors that affect your estimate include:
The easiest way to get an estimate is to give us a call. We can give you a virtual survey that lets us determine the exact dollar amount of our services. You can fill out the survey whenever it’s convenient for you, and you can set it up easily on your phone or tablet.

Choosing the Best Oregon Statewide Moving Companies

Finding the best Oregon intrastate moving company takes a little time. You should first check the Google reviews of all of the Portland in state moving companies you are thinking about. Visit each company’s website and look at how long they have been in business and how many moves they have made. 

Once you find an Oregon in state moving company you like, reach out to them. Ask them about their equipment, including how old and large their trucks are. Make sure that their crews have special training and extensive experience in the moving industry. You should also check to make sure the company has a valid license and insurance. 

After doing your research, you’ll find out that PDX Movers has the most trustworthy Oregon in state movers. Our team of 89 employees serves 3,000 customers per year. We offer guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates, and we use dedicated trucks for all intrastate moves. Each move has an affordable flat rate. 

If you ever need storage services, we have a 40,000-square-foot warehouse with more than 175 storage containers. We also offer special services like white glove delivery
Our team of Oregon in state movers is courteous, intelligent, and capable. PDX Movers moves anyone in the Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA Metropolitan Statistical Area. Get your free quote at 503-746-8795.