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Portland Metro Packing Services

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Why Hire PDX Moving For Portland Metro Packing Services

Packing and unpacking before and after your move can be tedious, exhausting, and stressful. When relocating, you want to reduce your stress, not add to it. An easy way to unload some of your stress is to hire someone to do all the packing and unpacking for you. Hiring PDX Moving to carefully pack your belongings will not only reduce your stress but will also reduce the number of damaged items you have! Professional packers know how to pack a box correctly, so you won’t end up with broken glass and valuables.

PDX moving won’t let any harm come to your home or belongings because we start with careful prep work. Our movers are trained in how to safely and effectively pack all types of items. We use professional packing equipment that protects your fragile or heavy items from things like bumps in the road during transit. You don’t have to worry about packing everything up over a couple of weeks before your move.

When you hire PDX Moving, you can keep your house in order for as long as possible. We always efficiently pack all your belongings, which helps you when it comes time to unpack, and we group together all your related items to make things easier on you. You’ll spend less time unpacking because all your items will be in the same box where they belong – instead of half of your kids’ toys ending up in the bedroom or bathroom boxes thanks to your little helpers at home.

Portland Metro Packing Services Offered by PDX Moving

All moves are unique, so whether you’re relocating into an apartment, a house, or putting your belongings in a storage unit, you’ll want a plan specifically tailored to your needs. PDX Moving offers many services that cater to everyone. Here are some of the moving packing services our Portland Metro packing company helps with.

Full-Service Packing

Sit back and relax. You don’t have to lift a finger. Our full-service packing will do everything from start to finish, so you don’t have to even mess with the bubble wrap. We’re professionals, and we have packing and moving services down to a science. We won’t throw random items into random boxes. We’ll pack each room area separately and label each box so you know exactly which box goes in which room.

Partial Packing Service

If you have a room in your house with items you don’t even want to think about packing or large items you’re not sure how to pack, no problem. Our partial packing service is the perfect solution for you. Anything you don’t want to pack you can leave for us, such as heavy items or a certain room or area of the house like your kitchen or guest room. Our partial packing service is perfect for those who have packed half the house and just can’t do it anymore!

DIY Packing

If you want to pack all your items yourself but need professional materials, we can help. PDX Moving can provide professional equipment that you can’t get on your own. We supply top-of-the-line boxes, bubble wrap, cling wrap, and more.


Do you need help unpacking? We can unpack and assemble your furniture, unpack and organize your belongings, unpack everything for you, or we can just unpack the items you don’t want to touch. We can get your home move-in ready quickly with our unpacking service.

Fragile Packing

If you have fragile items that require a little extra care, you can count on us to pack them safely and securely. We use special materials, do the necessary prep work, mark the boxes as fragile, and make sure your precious belongings get to your new location in one piece. Let us pack your glass mirrors, picture frames, kitchen dishes, glasses, china, lamps, or special belongings and knick-knacks.

Professional Supplies

We offer professional packing supplies to anyone who needs them. Our boxes, shrinkwrap, and wrapping paper are professional-grade and heavy-duty, which means your items are less likely to be damaged during transport.

Portland Packing Services Cost

Many people do their own packing because they want to save money. However, when you hire a professional packing company in the Portland Metro area, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings are securely packed. Price estimates for packing services depend on many factors. We’ll first ask you if you’re looking for full-service or partial-service packing. Then, we’ll go over the types of items you need packed, what access we’ll have to the rooms we’ll need to get to, whether you’ll need us to do any special prep, and how many of our PDX Moving packers you’ll need.

Because each move is unique, it’s difficult to give a standard rate. Instead, we’ll work with you to create a free custom quote that works within your budget. We can’t give you a final price here, but we’re happy to give you a free quote if you give us a call or complete and submit our online form. After we gather a few more details, we’ll give you an affordable price estimate.

Looking for the best Portland Metro area packing company? PDX Movers is here to help! Give us a call today at 503-746-8795 for a free quote for packing services in the Portland Metro area.