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Portland Piano Movers

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Moving a Piano in Portland with PDX Movers

A piano is often more than just an instrument – it can be a priceless family heirloom or a major investment you want to keep in the best condition. So, relocating with a piano can often be a serious undertaking that requires the help of experienced professionals. There are several types of pianos, including grand, baby grand, upright or spinet, and digital. They all have unique designs and require special handling during a relocation. 

Pianos can have up to 12,000 individual parts, including pedals, keys, hammers, strings, etc. S, it’s essential to be attentive and cautious when moving a piano in Portland so you don’t risk damaging the instrument. Pianos are not only very expensive, but they can also have sentimental value if they’ve been in the family for generations. Perhaps you are a professional musician or even a music lover; you will want to be sure the sound quality remains high and the instrument does not require any additional repairs or tune-ups. 

The best way to ensure your piano is transferred safely with no damage is to trust a reliable Portland piano moving company like PDX Movers. We service all of the Greater Portland Metropolitan area and the Portland–Vancouver–Hillsboro, OR–WA Metropolitan Statistical Area and are happy to assist with your upcoming piano more. 

Hiring Professional Portland Piano Movers - Top Reasons

You may decide to hire experienced Portland piano movers for a variety of different reasons. Hiring a team of professionals will save time and reduce stress because they will take care of the process from start to finish and come equipped with the proper tools and professional systems. Plus, the crew will have the training to assemble/disassemble your piano if needed or even hoist it out a window. A piano is a dense and complicated instrument to maneuver, so if you want to be sure the job is done safely, you’ll need to hire an experienced Portland piano moving company. 

Pianos are very fragile but also very valuable. So, if you want to protect your prized possession, it’s best to trust a team of experts. Pianos must be moved on a dolly and kept stable during the drive to your new location. Otherwise, they’ll require repairs or tuning. That requires professional tools and a commercial moving truck that’s equipped with the proper straps and other safety features. Moving a piano in Portland requires skills, training, equipment, and an organized team with the resources to do the job. Don’t risk injuring yourself or damaging the instrument, and trust a team of reliable Portland piano movers. 

Portland Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment and Training

Transferring a piano to a new location is not easy and requires experience, specialized equipment, and training to ensure everything is done correctly. First, you need a way to get the piano out of your home and into the truck, then from the truck to your new location. This usually requires a dolly specific to the type of piano, such as an upright, grand, or baby grand. Once it’s in the truck, you’ll need a way to keep the instrument secure and protected from other objects.  This often requires tie-down straps, moving blankets, shrink wrap, and maybe a furniture dolly. 

You may also require a specialized commercial moving truck with a liftgate or ramp and tie-down straps to keep the piano secure. Not all moving companies have that type of equipment or the training to know how to use it. But our crew of experienced Portland piano movers has the professional training and expertise to handle every aspect of the project, including preparing the home, disassembling, moving, transporting, and reassembling the piano for your new residence. You can count on us to move a piano in Portland with maximum efficiency. 

Cost to Hire Movers in Portland

The exact cost of a Portland piano moving service will vary depending on the difficulty of the project. Some piano moves are simple, while others require more preparation and manpower. So, you should take stock of a few factors to estimate how much it may cost.

Portland piano moving companies set their pricing based on the following:
The best way to get an accurate assessment of the pricing is to reach out and request a free quote. Our friendly customer service team will take stock of your needs and parameters and provide a free written estimate after gathering all the necessary info. Regardless of the circumstances of your move, you can expect affordable rates and transparent pricing. 

Choosing the Best Portland Piano Movers

Trusting a professional Portland piano moving service is always the way to go when transferring an instrument of that caliber. However, you should be careful who you hire. Not all moving companies have the training and specialized equipment to handle a piano move. So, before hiring any company in particular, do some research. Here are a few things to keep an eye on when researching Portland piano moving companies:
Only hire Portland piano moving companies that fully satisfy all your needs. 

At PDX Movers, we’ve been in business for over ten years and serve more than 3,000 clients per year. Our crew is 100% background-checked and receives special training on how to efficiently move a piano. We maintain a 4.8/5 star customer satisfaction rating with hundreds of positive reviews on Google and Yelp. So you can Count on us to help you move a piano in Portland with maximum efficiency. 
When you’re ready to work with the top Portland piano moving team, call PDX Movers. We service all of the Greater Portland Metropolitan area and the Portland–Vancouver–Hillsboro, OR–WA Metropolitan Statistical Area and will help with all your piano moving needs. Call 503-746-8795 for a free, personalized moving quote from the friendly team at PDX Movers.