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Just moving across town can leave you feeling overwhelmed but long-distance relocations can be even more fraught with logistical problems, short deadlines, and stress. At PDX Movers, we believe a big move should be something to look forward to with new opportunities, new friends, and new things to explore. We strive to be the best interstate moving and storage company in Portland, OR with the training, equipment, and experience necessary to remove the stress and hassle from your upcoming transition. You deserve to relax knowing your belongings will be in good hands and everything will make it to your new home with an affordable cross-country moving company in Portland by your side.

What Is a Portland Long Distance Move?

What exactly makes a move long distance? In general, a long distance move in Portland is a move of more than 50 to 100 miles. A long distance move also refers to relocations that cross state lines, even if the distance is just 10 miles. You may also see other terms describing long distance moving companies in Portland. Interstate moves, for example, cross state lines. Cross country moving companies in Portland are equipped to move you across many state lines.

Just remember that any time you are moving more than 50-100 miles or crossing state lines, you’ll need one of the best long distance moving companies in Portland to handle your move.

While short-distance relocations are often related to changes in household size, employment changes, or buying a home, you may have different reasons for hiring a long distance moving company in Portland. You may be moving to be near family or you may have a job offer or transfer. Maybe you’re ready to establish your own household and leave the city you’ve called home for most of your life. You may even be ready to retire and move somewhere warmer. Many people also relocate away from Portland to go to school or for more affordable housing in another region.

Long Distance Move

While you might think a long distance relocation would only include trips to a new state, it is more specifically identified by how many miles you’ll be traveling. As a general standard, you’ll want to hire a Portland long-distance moving company when you’re relocating to a destination that is at least 100 miles away from your current location.

Interstate Move

The main need for Portland interstate movers comes when someone is transitioning from one state to another, regardless of the distance. You could live right along the border in one state and be transferring only a few miles away to a new state and it would still be considered an interstate relocation.

Cross Country Move

Your first thought might be that a cross-country transition means any trip taking you from one coast to another. But in reality, Portland cross-country moving companies assist people who are going to be driving through multiple states as they relocate to their new homes.

You can trust PDX Movers to make your upcoming long-haul relocation simple, stress-free, and efficient. We’re proud to be one of the best rated interstate moving companies in Metro Portland!

How to Move Across the Country with PDX Movers

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed by the thought of moving across the country? One of the best moving cross country tips is to work with professionals who have the training and experience to handle your relocation and overcome any hurdles and logistical issues that come up. Full-service interstate movers in Portland are the best way to move interstate to make sure there are no unexpected delays or issues along the way.

A full-service Portland long-distance moving company offers a host of services to handle almost every aspect of your move from beginning to end. You can enjoy a hands-off relocation with a personal move coordinator who will coordinate your move and make sure it’s completed on time. You can customize the level of service you receive to fit your budget but long distance movers in Portland can help with:

  • Transportation
  • Loading and unloading
  • Prep of your home
  • Professional packing of your entire home
  • Furniture disassembly/assembly
  • Unpacking and furniture arrangement

Choosing the best interstate moving company in Portland is a winning approach to skip the stress, hassle, and complications as you prepare to relocate your household to another state. You’ll be guaranteed to be in your home on your scheduled arrival date without the rush, damaged belongings, long drives, or hours of heavy lifting.

Movers loading truck for a long distance move

Portland Long Distance Moving Quotes | How Much Do Portland Long Distance Movers Cost?

As you prepare for the daunting task of a long-distance move, you may be wondering if you can really get help from professional long distance movers in Portland within your budget. The good news is interstate moving costs in Portland aren’t as high as you probably think! You can get help handling all of the difficult aspects of your move from professional movers by customizing the level of service to your budget.

There are many factors that influence Portland cross-country movers rates. Some factors you can’t control, including the distance of your move, but other factors can be changed to make your relocation more affordable. You may save money by changing the dates slightly, downsizing before your move, or handling some aspects of the move yourself.

Some of the most important factors that impact Portland interstate moving company rates are:

  • Level of service such as professional packing services, specialty item moving, and labor-only moving
  • Volume and amount of possessions/belongings you are moving
  • Moving dates with weekday moves being more affordable than moving on the weekend
  • Whether you need storage

At PDX Movers, we encourage you to contact our affordable long distance moving company in Portland, OR ahead of your move. We offer free interstate moving quotes through virtual or in-home estimates and we’ll help you customize your move to fit your budget.

How to Choose the Best Portland Long Distance Movers

Top rated Portland long-distance moving companies are an investment in a safe, stress-free relocation. Just remember that not all movers are equal; you need long-distance movers you can trust to safeguard your belongings, be there if anything goes wrong, and ensure your relocation goes smoothly.

At PDX Movers, we recommend these questions to ask interstate moving companies in Portland as you choose which movers to hire:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What is your safety rating?
  • What is your claims rate?
  • What type of equipment do you use for moves?
  • How many years have you been in business?
  • How many long-distance moves do you perform each year?
  • How many years of experience do your movers have on average?
  • Are your movers background checked and trained?

Since the year 2012 when we first got started, PDX Movers has grown to become one of the top long distance moving companies in Portland, OR. Our crews handle over 1,500 relocations on average per year, giving us the expertise we need to handle any job that comes our way. And with a near-perfect customer satisfaction rate, you’ll find hundreds of positive moving reviews about our team across sites like Google and Yelp.

PDX Movers - The Best Portland Metro Area Long-Distance Movers

Are you planning an upcoming relocation from Portland to an area that falls under the long-distance category? Look no further than PDX Movers to assist you with the major adjustment! Our premier long-distance movers in Portland are highly-trained and ready to take on your project.

Get in touch with our trusted team today by calling (503) 746-8795 or take a moment to complete the Request a Quote form on this page to get a free Portland moving estimate!

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