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Vancouver, WA School Districts - What are the best schools in Vancouver?

Top Vancouver, WA School Districts [2024] | What are the 🎓 Best Schools in Vancouver?

Last Updated on: 16th June 2023, 02:53 am

The city of Vancouver, WA is commonly known for being a bedroom community of Portland, OR. Many people living in the area commute for work to the bigger city across the Washington-Oregon border. But local children attend highly-rated education programs at the top school districts in Vancouver.

Vancouver has a population of 184,452 residents with a median age of 37 years old. There are more than 44,000 children under the age of 18 years old living in the city.

If you’re thinking about moving to this area, you’ll easily find safe neighborhoods, fun activities, and plenty of great schools. As you consider which school district in Vancouver you’d like your child to attend, you’ll want to look into details about classroom sizes, test performance, and other relevant factors.

School Districts in Vancouver, WA

1. Vancouver Public School District | Vancouver, WA

Ranked as the most trusted school district in Vancouver, the local Vancouver Public School District was established in 1852. It hosts more than 22,000 students and has over 3,300 active teachers and administrative personnel. An impressive 72.3% of teachers in the district hold a master’s degree or higher education.

The Vancouver Public School District has five high schools, six middle schools, and 21 elementary schools. It also features the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, which ranks as the 13th best high school in Washington state.

Students in Vancouver School Districts

Trusted schools in this district include Felida Elementary School, Alki Middle School, Vancouver Itech Preparatory, and Columbia River High.

Students in the Vancouver Public School District have a reading proficiency of 60% and a math proficiency of 43%. They support Highly Capable services including Advanced Placement courses, College in the High School, and Running Start.

Parents can check the Vancouver Public School District boundary map to see which school their students would attend based on their location.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 17:1
  • Graduation rate: 91%

2. Evergreen School District (Clark) | Vancouver, WA

The Evergreen School District was founded in 1945 and has become one of the fastest-growing school districts in Vancouver. Between its 39 schools, the district has about 24,972 students who are led and instructed by 1,684 trustworthy and dependable teachers.

With a college readiness score of about 16.9, the Evergreen School District has numerous college courses that offer dual credit options. Over the years, they’ve received lots of Educational Excellence Grants due to their dedication to providing quality education to their young students.

The most recent statistics show children attending their schools have a reading proficiency level of 68% and a math level of 32%.

With some of the best schools in the Vancouver area, younger students can attend programs at campuses like Fishers Landing Elementary School, Shahala Middle School, and Mountain View High School. The district also hosts Henrietta Lacks Health And Bioscience High School, which is ranked near the top 50 high schools in Washington.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 15:1
  • Graduation rate: 92%

3. Battle Ground School District | Battle Ground, WA

As one of the most diverse geographic districts in Washington state, Battle Ground School District was founded in 1909. The district is located in the city of Battle Ground, which has a population of 20,406 people.

There are a total of 18 schools in the Battle Ground School District including three high schools, six middle schools, six elementary schools, a K-8 school, and two alternative learning programs. Over 13,000 children are enrolled in the district, making it one of the largest school districts in Vancouver.

Many of the teachers at local Battle Ground schools have earned accolades as the Best in the State over the past six years. Their High School Course Guide leads young students down a path toward success as it helps them prepare for college. They have something called the Aspire program, which offers Advanced Placement courses to excelling students.

The district has a college readiness score of 17.9, reading proficiency of 78%, and math proficiency of 50%.

A few of the best schools in this district are Tukes Valley Middle School, Pleasant Valley Middle School, and Battle Ground High School.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 18:1
  • Graduation rate: 70.5%

4. Toppenish School District | Toppenish, WA

The Toppenish School District is known for its district mission “We do what’s best for kids”. They strive to prove that every year by offering great educational programs to more than 4,000 students. The district has one high school, a middle school, four elementary schools, and an online program.

Their curriculum is led by the District Curriculum Director, Brenda Mallonee, who works to ensure all students are college-ready.

As a trusted school district in the Vancouver metro area, their reading proficiency is 48% with math proficiency at 16%. Their gifted programs include Advanced Placement classes for students who excel in their grades.

Among the smaller districts in Washington, their best schools are Garfield Elementary School, Toppenish Middle School, and Toppenish High School.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 22:1
  • Graduation rate: 52.1%

5. Camas School District | Camas, WA

The city of Camas is about 14 miles east of downtown Vancouver and has a population of 23,200 residents. It is an affluent community with a median household income of $111,584 per year. Camas is also among the safest cities in the state with a crime rate that is 68% lower than the average.

Ranking among the best Vancouver school districts, the Camas School District hosts approximately 7,616 students. Their programs are highly-rated, earning them many accolades including the Washington Achievement Award, the Board of Distinction, Best High School, the Green Ribbon School District Sustainability Award, and the School of Distinction Award.

Students learning in a classroom

They offer college curriculum options, which follow Washington State Learning Standards. They’re among the top-rated school districts in the Vancouver area for reading proficiency at 80% as well as math proficiency at 73%.

You’ll find over 20 Advanced Placement courses with college-level education for students considered Highly Capable.

Its two top primary schools are Dorothy Fox Elementary and Skyridge Middle School. The local Camas High School is ranked 25th among the top high schools in Washington state.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 21:1
  • Graduation rate: 93%

6. Hockinson School District | Brush Prairie, WA

Brush Prairie is a middle-class suburb with a median household income of $82,458 per year. It is considered a safe place to live with a crime rate that is 60% less than the state average.

While it is among the smallest school districts in the Vancouver metro area, the Hockinson School District is highly reputable and successful, supporting a total of 2,012 students.

Hockinson High School offers courses at Clark College as part of the high school Running Start program with credits that will transfer after they graduate. They also have their own Highly Capable program for advanced students.

Up-to-date statistics from Hockinson School District show they are successful in teaching students the essentials with a reading proficiency level of 84% and a math proficiency of 48%.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 19:1
  • Graduation rate: 94.6%

7. Educational Service District 112 | Vancouver, WA

The local Educational Service District 112 is a school district in Vancouver that is for at-risk youth living in Clark County, WA. It manages three schools with an average of 249 students each year.

Their teachers work with young students on their academic goals and focus on college readiness through Stem Initiatives. With flexible learning plans, they do their best to meet the needs of each child so they can go at their own pace.

The Esd 112 Open Doors Reengagement program helps students with GED preparation, career prep, high school credit recovery, and even life skills.

This local school district in the Vancouver area is an OSPI approved consortium of numerous districts including:

  • Battle Ground Public Schools
  • Hockinson School District
  • La Center School District
  • Ridgefield School District
  • Vancouver Public Schools
  • Washougal School District
  • Woodland Public Schools


  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 66:1
  • Graduation rate: n/a

8. WA State Center for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss | Vancouver, WA

Serving about 116 students, the WA State Center for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss is exactly what it says. The local Vancouver school district serves as a statewide location for educating children that are deaf and hard of hearing.

Students taking a test in school

Parents and their kids will get professional support with language development, social-emotional skills, academic achievements, and beyond.

Their main campus is the Washington State School for the Deaf, which serves students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: n/a
  • Graduation rate: 50%

Best Private Schools in Vancouver

If you prefer to send your children to local private schools in Vancouver, the best options you’ll find include:

Top Private Elementary Schools

Top Private High Schools

FAQs about Vancouver School Districts

Does Vancouver have good schools?

The city of Vancouver has a high concentration of reputable schools ranging from trusted elementary schools to highly-rated high school programs.

What is the best school district in Vancouver?

The Vancouver Public School District ranks as the top-rated school district in the city of Vancouver, WA.

What is the best high school in Vancouver, WA?

The top high school in Vancouver is the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, which is part of the Vancouver Public School District. It is also ranked as the 13th best high school in Washington.

Get Your Kids the Best Education in Vancouver, WA

You’re sure to find plenty of great school districts in Vancouver that will assist your children in gaining a strong education that will prepare them for their future. If you’re looking up schools in Vancouver before relocating to the area, trust the team here at PDX Movers! Call our trusted Vancouver movers today at (503) 746-8795 or complete the Request a Quote form for a free moving estimate!


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