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Insurance 101

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Insurance 101, taught to you by PDX Movers, What's covered? And how does it work?

How content protection works for authorized movers in Oregon

We do our best to avoid damaging your household items. But accidents can happen – even with the most careful movers.

The common assumption is that full coverage is included when a moving company lists itself as a licensed and insured carrier. The reality is, this is only a statement indicating the company has the sufficient auto, general liability, and cargo coverage required by law. All moving companies offer a $0.60 per lb. limit of liability waiver as part of their standard rates for local moves. This is not full coverage or replacement insurance; however is the most standard coverage in the moving industry. Basic coverage is included in your hourly rate. Movers use these contracts to offset the huge amount of liability a company has when handling household items.

For example: An average local move cost $300. The cost of a LCD or plasma television averages around $1500. Without the limits of liability waiver, movers are liable for 5 times the amount of our gross invoice with just that single piece. Add the rest of the household and the move becomes far too much liability compared to the net profit. With the waiver, movers are able to balance the amount of liability to the potential net profit; however the customer does have considerable exposure. If a plasma TV were to be damaged during the move the compensation would be based on its weight. A plasma television weighing 100 lbs. would only receive $60.00 once a damage claim is filed.

The Customer always has an option to purchase additional insurance coverage before the move. If you feel that you need additional coverage, you can purchase it at through 3rd party locations.

Be sure to also check your homeowner’s policy to see if it covers damage in transit. If you aren’t sure about what is and isn’t covered – ask.

Important PDX Movers Documents

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Claim’s and how to process
To process a claim, please email us at [email protected]. Please provide us with your name, pictures of any damages (close up shots as well as far away shots) and your date of move. We will send out for any additional information needed to process claim. Please review our terms and conditions again.

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1. Released Value Protection

The standard Protection option released value protection provides for compensation of $.60 per pound per article. For example, if a 100 lb. dresser is damaged, you will receive the lesser of either $60 or the cost to repair the damage.

Released value protection comes free with any move provided by PDX Movers.

2. Replacement Cost Protection

The full value protection option replacement cost protection provides for the most comprehensive compensation available, or in other words “we break it, we fix it.” It values your goods at $6.00 per lb. This is how we calculate your total estimated value of your shipment, however you may choose the minimum calcuation or a larger sum in the event you feel the minimum is not enough coverage.  Please ask your move consultant if their is any minimum and maximum coverages. 

The cost of Replacement Cost Protection is $.85 for every $100 of declared value.

Example, if you shipment wieghs 6000lbs we would calculate your estimated max valuation as 6000lbsx$6.00=or $36,000 in total coverage. To calculate the premium we then would take that coverage max amount per $100 of value. $36000/$100= 360 you then multiply that by the $0.85. 360*.85 = your premium will be $306. Clear as mud? Ask your move consultant for more information if you have any questions.

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