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Gresham Utilities 💡 | City of Gresham Water, PGE & NW Natural Gas [Start Service, Bill Pay, Average Bills]

Last Updated on: 16th February 2024, 11:56 am

Have plans to relocate to Gresham Oregon in the coming weeks or months? Whether moving to a new home, apartment, or condo, transferring your utility services (or starting new services) can be a hassle. Locating all of the info required to set up electric service, internet services, gas, water, trash pickup, recycling, and so on can cost you hours of time. During a hectic relocation, every second counts!

Our team at PDX Movers is here to help with your upcoming relocation however we can. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Gresham utilities providers across all categories. Discover everything you need to know about transferring utilities, setting up your new utilities in Gresham OR, how to make payments, fees you may incur, and more.

Gresham Electric Utilities | Portland General Electric (PGE)

When moving to the City of Gresham, getting your electric services up and running is of the utmost importance. Portland General Electric is Gresham’s sole provider of electric services. This company services all residential and commercial buildings in the City of Gresham. Thanks to their easy-to-use process, starting, transferring, and stopping services with PGE is quick and seamless.

Portland General Electric Important Contact Info

Opening an account and getting your Gresham electricity turned on

One of the quickest and easiest ways to turn on your electricity in Gresham is to follow the prompts on the PGE website. If you’re brand new to PGE, you will be guided through a form that collects your service address, customer information, service options, and more. If you are transferring your PGE services, simply log on to your existing account and follow the prompts provided. You can also call PGE for assistance from their customer service department.

The average Gresham electric bill is $116 per month. Payments can be made online, by phone, or by mail with PGE.

Gresham Water and Sewer | City of Gresham Water

Water is yet another one of your Gresham utilities that is an absolute must to have turned on before officially settling into your new residence. The City of Gresham Water Utilities is the primary provider of water utilities services in the city. This department is managed by the City of Gresham.

City of Gresham Water Utilities Important Contact Info

Opening an account and getting your water turned on

You can begin your City of Gresham water service by contacting the main water utilities office directly at 503-618-2373. A knowledgeable representative from that department will guide you through the steps needed to establish services as soon as possible. Each monthly bill is calculated using three separate components: Water consumption charge (water use), water service charge, and fire flow charge. Customers can review averages for each of these categories on the City of Gresham water utilities website.

The average monthly water bill in Gresham is $52.11. Payments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, using a variety of payment methods. The easiest is to visit your City of Gresham online utilities account. Through this portal, you can pay for all city utilities that you will be using at your new property. You can also contact the office directly for instructions on other payment methods, such as in-person and by-mail payments.

Gresham Garbage and Recycling | City of Gresham and Local Providers

Start your City of Gresham garbage and recycling services by going online to the city’s Recycling and Solid Waste main page. Doing so will allow you to input your new address to find out which local garbage collection agency will be handling pickup duties for your location. You can also find out how to request a garbage hauler, as well as instructions on recycling various items. Once you’ve established services, you can also inquire about the specific pickup times and dates for your neighborhood. You can also request access to a pickup calendar to plan for postponed pickup dates due to various holidays.

Gresham Gas Utilities | NW Natural

Almost all individuals have appliances that rely on gas power. NW Natural is the City of Gresham’s provider of gas services. They service all residential and commercial buildings in the city. Thanks to their streamlined process, starting new gas services with NW Natural is relatively simple when done online.

NW Natural Service Important Contact Info

Opening an account and getting your utilities turned on

Easily start, stop, or transfer your NW Natural gas services by going onto their website. The Start, Stop, or Transfer Service page outlines all of the steps you need to take to do any of these tasks. As you follow the prompts on the website, you will be asked for your name and relevant personal details, residential information, Smart Energy enrollment, and more.

The average Gresham gas bill is $69.76 per month. You can submit your payment online through your NW Natural account. You can also contact NW Natural by phone to ask about alternative payment methods (e.g., by phone or in person).

Gresham Internet | Xfinity, Ziply, CenturyLink, T-Mobile Home Internet

Much like any city, there are numerous internet providers available to residents of Gresham. However, the city’s top providers are Xfinity, Ziply, CenturyLink, and T-Mobile Home Internet. If you are coming from a nearby city, chances are that you have already used one of these providers for your internet needs. If so, setting up new services should be a breeze.

The average monthly cost for internet services in Gresham is $72.97 per month, which is on par with averages around the nation. Pricing for your specific plan will depend on a wide variety of factors — including the internet speed you choose throughout your home, special bundle deals (e.g., combining your cell phone services), and the number of add-on services you need (such as a rented router from the provider).

Start your internet services in Gresham by requesting a service appointment online through the  Xfinity, Ziply, CenturyLink, and T-Mobile Home Internet websites. You can also look up and call the main customer service phone number for your preferred company to ask about starting internet services at your new home.

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment with your chosen internet provider, you’ll meet with an installation tech at your new home or apartment. This professional will come out to your new address and set up services and equipment so that you can be online as soon as possible.

Gresham Telephone | All Major Cell Phone Providers

Nearly all major cell phone providers — such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T — are available to residents of Gresham. If you already have cell phone services with one of these companies, the easiest way to transfer services is to request a change of address. Taking this step will ensure that your monthly bill is delivered to the correct address (if you do not have paperless billing with your account). You can typically request to change your address through your self-service portal in your online account with the cell phone provider or by calling the company directly.

Are you relocating to Gresham from a different part of the state or country and would like a Gresham area code? If so, you will need to contact your current cell phone company for a new phone number.

Gresham Cable | Xfinity, Frontier, and DIRECTV

Want to set up cable TV services before your move to Gresham? The most popular cable TV providers in Gresham are Xfinity, DIRECTV, and Frontier. Just like with your internet services, each cable provider offers unique pricing and packages depending on your needs and preferences. Contact each company directly to request a quote and find the best rates.

Already have services with one of these Gresham cable TV providers? You can contact a helpful customer service representative — online or by phone — for step-by-step assistance.

Want your upcoming move to Gresham to be relaxed and simple? Our trustworthy, dependable, five-star Gresham movers at PDX Movers can deliver an outstanding relocation experience. Discover what services best suit your needs by calling us today at 503-746-8795.


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