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How is Living in Milwaukie OR? 🤷 | DEFINITIVE Moving to Milwaukie Guide

Last Updated on: 3rd August 2023, 11:30 am

No, not that Milwaukee! Sitting just south of Portland and bordering Lake Oswego in the oddly named Clackamas County, this city, known by the nickname “The Dogwood City of the West”, is well known for its safe and vibrant communities, as well as being the home of the famous comic publisher Dark Horse Comics. Originally settled in 1847 and incorporated two years later, Milwaukie would grow from a sawmill to a bustling city with the construction of the railroad through the area, eventually becoming the more affluent community it is known as today. Milwaukie is home to many notable residents, like NASCAR driver Mike Bliss and Dark Horse Comics founder Mike Richardson.

Milwaukie, OR Population & Demographics

The city of Milwaukie has a population of 20,955 distributed out over 4.9 miles at a population density of about 4,200 people per square mile. The median age here is 40.8, which is marginally higher than the Oregon average of 39.2. The median household income in Milwaukie is $63,421, which is, similarly to Milwaukie’s average age, only marginally higher than the average household income for the state of Oregon.

Milwaukie is a very homogeneous town, at 85.4% White (80.6% non-Hispanic), 9.3% Hispanic, and 2.6% Asian. Milwaukie’s sex ratio is exactly 50/50.

Milwaukie’s zip codes include 97222, 97267, and 97269, while the area codes are 503 and 971. Milwaukie is located just south of Portland in Clackamas County, also bordered by Lake Oswego and Dunthorpe to the south, and Harmony and Happy Valley to its east.

Thinking about moving to Milwaukie, but worried about the crime rate? The crime rate here is 34% lower than the national average overall, while the violent crime rate is 55% lower, and the property crime rate is 30% lower.

Cost of Living in Milwaukie, OR

With Milwaukie’s proximity to Portland and safe communities, it should come as little surprise that living here can be quite hefty on your wallet, with the cost of living here being 17% higher on average than other places in America, according to Payscale. Homes in Milwaukie are not significantly more expensive than average for Oregon, with the average home costing you $291,300 on average. Milwaukie’s housing is rather expensive compared to the national average, however, and you can also expect to pay more for groceries and transportation, although utilities will be cheaper. Renting here will, unfortunately, not be cheap either, with the average rent for an apartment being $1,531.

There might be better places to live than Milwaukie if your primary focus is your budget, but few areas can compete with the convenience of close proximity to Portland and the cohesive, safe communities.

Milwaukie, OR Schools & Colleges

Moving to Milwaukie means you will be served by the North Clackamas School District 12, which is host to a wide variety of excellently-rated elementary, middle, and high schools. While the district in the whole is a mixed bag in terms of ratings on GreatSchools, many of the schools located in Milwaukie are top of the line, like Sojourner School with a perfect 10/10 rating. Other highlights include the Milwaukie Academy of the Arts and Ardenwald Elementary. Rest assured, your child’s education will be some of the best in the country while living in Milwaukie!

Milwaukie, OR Climate & Weather

Milwaukie holds few surprises for those who have lived in the area, climate-wise. It’s quite cloudy and rainy, but receives a miniscule amount of snow. You can expect lows of 38 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months, and highs of 81 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Milwaukie experiences slightly more than the average amount of rainfall when compared with the rest of the United States, with 42 inches per year as compared to the national average of 38 inches. Milwaukie experiences almost no snow, with only 2 inches as compared to 28. The best times to visit Milwaukie, in terms of comfort rating, are July and August.

Best Neighborhoods in Milwaukie, OR

Milwaukie may take up less than five miles squared, but there’s an incredible breadth of distinct communities contained within it. Check out some of your neighborhood options below:

Ardenwald is the biggest of Milwaukie’s neighborhoods, and has the safety and affluence typical of the city. However, if you’re concerned about schools, and an A- on crime just isn’t good enough for you, McLoughlin Industrial is the better choice. Other neighborhoods in the area include Lewelling, Historic Milwaukie, and more!

If you want to make yourself a part of any of these communities, you should check out the latest listings for homes for sale in Milwaukie, OR.

Jobs in Milwaukie, OR

Those planning on making a living in Milwaukie should know that wages have been increasing quarterly while the cost of living has also been increasing at a much higher rate, not atypical for urban centers, according to Payscale. The most popular employers in this community are North Clackamas School District, Warn Industries, Inc., and Elite Care. The most popular positions of employment are Administrative Assistant, Business Development Specialist, and Dental Assistant. The average salary for a worker in Milwaukie is $56k a year, while the average hourly wage is $17.78.

If you’re planning on getting gainful employment after moving to Milwaukie, seeking out a job in either automotive production, the local school district, or healthcare and nursing are your best bets. Check out the latest listings for jobs in Milwaukie, OR here.

Things to Do in Milwaukie, OR

If you’re planning on moving to Milwaukie, be assured that you won’t have to drive to Portland for a fantastic shopping spree and attractions that’ll entertain the whole family! Check out local shopping centers like Milwaukie Marketplace and the King Road Shopping Center for all your shopping needs! You should also check out some of the best things to do in Milwaukie, OR below:

North Clackamas Aquatic Park

By far the most popular attraction in Milwaukie, and beloved by locals and Portlanders alike, this aquatic park with pools, slides, and more is sure to be a blast! If you want to treat your children and family to a day of fun, there are few places better than this park!

7300 SE Harmony Rd, Milwaukie, OR 97222, (503) 557-7873

Milwaukie Bay Park

Overlooking Willamette River, the beautiful Milwaukie Bay Park is a must-visit if you’re looking for a place to cool off, either by yourself or with your family. With a viewing area, seating, and more, this park has much to offer!

11211 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie, OR 97222, (503) 786- 7555

Milwaukie, OR Additional Attractions:

Places to Eat in Milwaukie, OR

Alongside its host of things to do, Milwaukie is also home to plenty of great eats! Check out some below:

Mike’s Drive-in

A local installation of a classic Portland area chain of burger and milkshake joints, it doesn’t get much more American than Mike’s Drive-in! If you’re looking for a great burger in Milwaukie, Mike’s is the spot!

3045 SE Harrison St, Milwaukie, OR 97222, (503) 654-0131

Pietro’s Pizza

Looking for some of the old ‘za in Milwaukie? Then there’s no comparison to Pietro’s! This pizza joint, in a distinctive red-and-white building, is one of Milwaukie’s finest.

10300 SE Main St, Milwaukie, OR 97222, (503) 659-7770

Moving to Milwaukie, OR  Pros & Cons


  • Proximity to Portland
  • Safe and vibrant communities


  • Can get pretty pricey

Ready to take that last step and start your journey to making Milwaukie your new home? Give the best movers in Milwaukie a call! Our crew of highly-trained professional movers will ensure your move is a stress-free process at affordable rates! Call now or fill out our online form for a free quote!


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