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Churches in Portland, OR Guide | Tips & Map

Churches in Portland, OR Guide (2022) | Tips & Map

If you want to find your spiritual home, there are a variety of churches in Portland, OR to choose from. These churches can help you discover your calling in life and join in spiritual communion with your fellow worshippers. Whether you want to attend weekly Mass or join a Baptist prayer group, there are many wonderful congregations around town.

As this list shows, Portland churches have a variety of services available on different days of the week and at different times. Choosing your new spiritual home depends on what you are looking for in your faith community.

1. Bridgetown Church – Portland

At Bridgetown Church, members believe in living their life by following in the steps of Jesus Christ. The three main goals of the church are to be with Jesus, to do what Jesus did, and become like Jesus. By achieving these goals, the church seeks to transform the surrounding community and the city of Portland.


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Led by Pastor John Comer, Bridgetown Church believes in the Lausanne Covenant. On the weekends, people from the congregation gather in different communities based on their demographics and interests. There are various groups for men, women, children, and adults.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @ 5 pm & 7 pm

2. First Unitarian Portland

When you go to the First Unitarian Portland, you get to take part in one of the best Unitarian churches in Portland. Led by Reverend Bill Sinkford, this church was the winner of the 2016 Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society Award.

In 1867, the chapel for the First Unitarian Portland was built. Since its founding, the church has embraced a diversity of beliefs and social activism. This free religious belief system firmly believes faith without works is empty, which is one of the driving forces behind its focus on the community and progressive leadership.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @ 9:15 am & 11:15 am

3. Trinity Church of Portland

If you are looking for opportunities to serve your community, Trinity Church is one of the best churches in Portland to attend. This church is headed up by the lead pastor, Thomas Terry, and associate pastor, Ryan Lister. At Trinity, they worship according to components that were included in the scriptures such as the sacraments, reading, singing, prayer, and the giving of offerings.


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Members of the church believe in the supremacy of God and the Christ-centered scriptures. Through community service and study of the Gospel, church members work to make disciples of all nations. If you seek a Portland church that has a contemporary environment, this is the place to go.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @ 10 am

4. Greater Portland Bible Church

The Greater Portland Bible Church doesn’t follow a specific denomination. Instead, it focuses on a community-led form of Christianity. Under the leadership of Wayne Williams, the church has grown significantly since it first opened up in 1977.

Today, this is one of the main Christian churches in Portland which focuses on Bible teaching for a dynamic worship service. Church members believe Christians must read every passage in order to understand what the Bible is saying.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @ 9:15 am (Classes) & 10:30 am (Worship)

5. First Presbyterian Church – Portland

If you are searching for a multi-generational congregation, the First Presbyterian Church is one of the top Portland churches. This Presbyterian church is led by Reverend Dr. Audrey Schindler. Other than its worship service on Sundays, it also offers Sunday school, Bible study, adult education classes, coffee, and fellowship opportunities.


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The mission statement of the First Presbyterian Church is, “Glorifying God, Proclaiming Christ, Serving Others.” Members of the church are a part of a Christ-centered, multi-generational congregation who educates, worships, and engages in outreach as a group. Together, church members work to grow as disciples of Christ in a welcoming and accepting environment.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @ 10:30 am

6. Greater Portland Baptist Church

When it comes to Baptist churches in Portland, the Greater Portland Baptist Church offers a warm, friendly congregation. Other than its Sunday worship service, this church offers prayer service and Bible study on Wednesday.

At the Greater Portland Baptist Church, members can learn about Jesus Christ in a contemporary environment filled with Scripture and the Holy Spirit. Started in 1982 by Pastor Rick Adams, this Portland holy place works to bring the message of God in the Gospel to a lost world. In addition to its programs for children and adolescents, the church also supports more than 100 missionaries around the world.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @ 11 am & 6 pm

7. Church of Scientology – Portland

If you believe in Scientology, the Church of Scientology in Portland is essentially the only option in the area. Started in 1971, this Portland church is currently housed within the Sherlock building and offers seminars for members on topics like dianetics. Founded by L. Ron Hubbard, this religion helps people see the spiritual nature between people, families, groups, and the entire universe.


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Scientologists believe man is more than his environment or genes. This body of knowledge focuses on man’s immortal spirit, the experiences of many lifetimes and mankind’s unrealized capabilities. Because of these beliefs, Scientology believes spiritual salvation depends on the individual and his or her relationship with the universe.


Church Service Times:

  • Saturday & Sunday @ 9 am & 10 pm
  • Monday – Friday @ 9 am & 6 pm

8. Holy Rosary Parish Church – Portland

When you want to find Catholic churches in Portland, Holy Rosary Parish Church has the Mass times and weekly services you need. Started in 1893, this is one of the largest Portland churches and is currently led by Reverend Corwin Low, Reverend Gabriel Mosher, and Reverend Mark Francis Manzano.

As a Catholic church, Holy Rosary Parish Church follows the Catholic catechism and church doctrine. In addition to vernacular Masses, the church offers a Latin Mass with the Gregorian chant. Social gatherings, Sunday school, prayer groups, and other activities are regularly held for members.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @ 7 am, 9 am, 11 am (Dominican Rite), 1 pm, & 5:30 pm
  • Saturdays @ 6 am (Dominican Rite), 8 am, 9 am, & 5:30 pm (Sunday Anticipatory Mass)
  • First Fridays @ 7:30 pm (Dominican Rite)
  • Weekdays @ 6 am (Dominican Rite), 7 am, & 12 pm

Portland Churches Map

Which of These Portland Churches Sounds Right for You?

No matter what denomination you are looking for, there are churches in Portland to match your spiritual needs. These locations help you find a community bound by faith, services, and God’s love. Once you find the right church, you can continue your journey of spiritual exploration and enlightenment.

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