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Complete moving from Portland to Los Angeles moving guide.

Are You Moving From Portland, OR to Los Angeles, CA? ✈️ Portland to Los Angeles Moving Guide

Last Updated on: 29th May 2024, 05:35 pm

If you’re considering moving to Los Angeles from Portland, you likely have many questions. Our Portland to Los Angeles guides will answer them all!

Embarking on a journey from Portland, OR, to Los Angeles, CA, is a thrilling adventure. Whether it’s the allure of show biz, the draw of friends and family, or the desire for a more vibrant environment, the reasons are as diverse as the city itself. The prospect of a new climate, a more fast-paced lifestyle, and the endless possibilities of The Golden State await you.

The moving process will likely prove stressful no matter why you’ve decided on The Golden State. Portland and Los Angeles are nearly 1,000 miles apart (via I-5 N); that’s a long way to lug your entire life! Not to mention the other variables your move may entail: packing, transferring school districts, switching utility companies, etc. This is why finding reliable Portland long distance movers is key to a stress-free transition to Los Angeles.

What Moving to Los Angeles is Like

Los Angeles is a city in Los Angeles County, which is in a basin in Southern California adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Beaches are found on the city’s west coast and in San Gabriel Valley on the east. Other cities near Los Angeles that people love are Long Beach, Echo Park, Torrance, and Hunting Beach.

Los Angeles is best known for its nightlife, celebrity population, and status as the world’s entertainment capital. The weather is enjoyable most of the year, as LA has a Mediterranean Koppen climate classification.

While the median cost of a Los Angeles home is $970,000, the median household income is $76,244. RentCafe says rent prices are expensive in LA; on average, most people pay $2,691 monthly for a 787-square-foot rental. Los Angeles has a Cost of Living Index of 150, which is 24% higher than the cost of living in Portland and 50% higher than the average US city. Living in Portland is cheaper than living in Los Angeles. 

Not sure how much to save before moving to Los Angeles from Portland? Since LA is more expensive than Portland, you want to budget correctly. If you earn Portland’s median income ($43,003), you would have to find an LA job that pays you $55,834 to maintain your current lifestyle.

Is It worth it to move to Los Angeles? LA It’s a city unlike any other, with a unique flair that you won’t find in Portland. From its diverse population to its vibrant nightlife, Los Angeles offers a lifestyle that’s hard to resist. While it may come with a higher price tag, the experience of living in the ‘City of Angels’ is often worth the leap.

Moving from Portland to Los Angeles – What You Need to Know

LA vs. Portland, which is better? Portland is a lovely place to call home, but moving to LA has numerous benefits.

Creative Opportunities

While there are plenty of job opportunities in Portland, the leading industries there are apparel and outdoor, bioscience, climate tech, computers, and electronics. In contrast, Los Angeles is more focused on creative work. Did you know that around 1 in every 6 Los Angeles residents are artists who work in the creative industry? No wonder it’s been pegged as the “Creative Capital of the World.” The Golden State is the number one state in the US for pursuing a career in media, television, or film.

Convenient Travel

Portland does host a decent airport (Portland International Airport), but it’s pretty lackluster compared to LAX. Los Angeles International Airport is the third busiest airport in the world and second in the US. If you’re an avid traveler, Los Angeles may be a more convenient city.

Award-Winning Restaurants

LA has countless award-winning restaurants to try; n/naka and Hayota are two favorites.

Ideal Public Transit

Although some may see LA’s dense population as a con, there are upsides to living in a city that’s more populated than most US states. Los Angeles boasts an excellent public transportation system to ensure traffic flows and all citizens can get around. After moving from Portland to Los Angeles, you will find 93 light rail stations and the country’s 9th busiest subway system.

Ample Professional Sports Teams

LA is a sports lover’s dream; you’ll find 11 professional sports teams after relocating to LA. The Dodgers and Angels (MLB), the Lakers (NBA), and the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers (NFL) are a few of the most popular teams. You can watch your favorites at Dodger Stadium, the Staples Center, the Banc of California Stadium, and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Portland to Los Angeles Movers

Moving to a new state is stressful and expensive, and while turning down help from professional state-to-state Portland movers may seem like a cost-effective solution, you may be disappointed in the outcome. Long distance moving companies in Portland to help make your transition feel easy and stress free, without breaking your budget.

Portland to Los Angeles cross country movers will provide expensive supplies, equipment, and resources, saving you thousands in moving costs. The cost of a DIY move can be much higher than anticipated, not to mention the added stress and dangers involved.

In short, you’re better off letting a trusted Portland cross country moving company assist with your Portland to Los Angeles relocation. We’ve handled thousands of interstate transitions and will ensure a timely, affordable, and smooth move.

We’ve developed a list of Portland long distance moving services to ensure our customers have everything they need at every stage of their upcoming move! Here are some of the ways a professional out-of-state moving company can help your long distance move from Portland, OR, to Los Angeles, CA, go smoothly:

  • Efficiency: Our experienced state to state movers work efficiently while remaining organized. We will relocate you quickly; this way, you can start enjoying the sunshine even sooner than anticipated.
  • Safety: Lifting heavy furniture and boxes without the proper training and equipment is dangerous. Let our state to state movers handle the heavy lifting.
  • Fully equipped: Our Portland interstate movers will arrive with state-of-the-art equipment and premier supplies. Expect wardrobe boxes, dollies, hand tools, bubble wrap, and more.
  • Care: We will treat your items with the utmost care and respect, and they will remain protected at every stage.
  • Cost: The best Portland long distance mover provides a written estimate with predictable pricing and no surprises
  • Dedicated moving coordinator: PDX Movers coordinates the relocation, removing your stress and worry.
  • Time savings: We work effectively and will save you hours by packing, loading, transportation, and driving everything for you.

To ensure you find the right Portland interstate moving company for the job, you’ll want to research. Here are a few surefire signs the company you’re considering is the real deal and will get you to your final destination on time.

  • Countless positive Yelp and Google reviews
  • Licensed and insured
  • Many years in business
  • Countless successful long distance moves annually

PDX Movers: The Best Los Angeles from Portland Movers

You have a lot on your plate, so it’s key to take the time to ensure you’re working with the best state-to-state moving company. Getting to Los Angeles from Portland isn’t simple, but PDX Movers has the crew to handle it with ease. We boast over ten years of moving industry experience and a 4.8-star customer rating! Our background-checked employees handle over 3,000 relocations annually, many of which are out-of-state relocations.

As a Portland long distance moving company that’s committed to excellence, you can expect great service, tentative customer care, and transparent pricing. Our trained employees will properly pack, load, and unload your items. Our premier packing supplies and 53’ moving truck make for an easy, secure transition.

If you’re moving from Portland to Los Angeles, let PDX Movers provide the Portland long distance movers. Each of our employees undergoes rigorous training and has years of experience in Portland long distance moving. We’re the top Portland to Los Angeles long distance moving company in Portland, and we’re ready to meet your every need.

When you hire movers you’ll have a stress free interstate move; we’ll arrive at your front door with all the necessary supplies and equipment in hand! We’ll get you to your new home (or apartment) on time and at a low price.

Portland to Los Angeles Moving Costs With a Portland Moving Company

No two moves are the same, meaning no two moves will cost the same; everyone’s parameters, requests, and budgets are different. At PDX Movers, we offer up-front quotes—free of charge—without hidden charges. We take the time to evaluate your needs and try our best to meet them within your budget.

When it comes to Portland moving costs, there are a few variables that will affect the price; below are some examples of what all moving companies consider while estimating a move:

  • Amount of belongings (volume of items)
  • Toll costs between Portland and Los Angeles
  • Moving dates (weekdays, weekends, peak season, etc)
  • Amount of movers your Portland to Los Angeles relocation requires
  • Additional services you may choose (packing, storage, etc.)

Despite your needs, we will get you from Portland, OR, to Los Angeles, CA, quickly and affordably. We possess all the necessary resources and equipment to meet your needs. You will experience competitive pricing, in an affordable range when working with PDX Movers. Contact us today at (503) 746-8795 to receive a free estimate on your Los Angeles from Portland move.

Portland to Los Angeles Distances & Travel Information

While we’re transporting your items with courtesy and care, you have to get yourself (and your luggage) to your new LA address! There are a few ways to travel from Portland to Los Angeles.

Driving from Portland to Los Angeles

It’s 962 miles from Portland to Los Angeles by car. While long, the ride is an easy straight shot down I-5! If you drove non-stop, you could be in LA in about 14 hours and 41 minutes; however, most people take two days to drive from Portland to Los Angeles.

You should consider stopping at Shasta-Trinity National Forest or the Sacramento Zoo during your trip.

Flying from Portland to Los Angeles

Most people opt to travel via air from Portland to Los Angeles. If you fly from Portland to Los Angeles, you will board at Portland International Airport and land at Los Angeles International Airport.

From Portland to Los Angeles by plane is 2 hours and 20 minutes, and flights from Portland, OR, to Los Angeles, CA cost between $140 and $200 per ticket (one-way.) American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Delta offer nonstop flights from PDX to LAX.

Traveling from Portland to Los Angeles by Train

Arguably, the most picturesque route is traveling to LA from Portland via the Coast Starlight (Amtrak Train). Thanks to its beautiful West Coast views, this 35-hour trip is certainly worth it. A coach seat costs $100; prices vary depending on your chosen seat.

If you need help moving from Portland to Los Angeles, Portland long distance movers can help! PDX Movers is a top interstate moving company with the experience and resources to relocate you to LA. Call us today at (503) 746-8795 for a free estimate.



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