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Vancouver WA ULTIMATE Utilities Guide | Water, Electric, Gas, Internet & More

Last Updated on: 3rd June 2022, 09:59 am

Perhaps the most time consuming part of relocating somewhere new is finding out how to change your utilities. Whether you’re coming from a new state or staying in the same city, you still have to begin or transfer all of your Vancouver utilities. You can spend hours looking on Google for the information for each utility, or you can just use our guide. With contact information, the best providers in the area, and information on how to set up each item in Vancouver, you won’t have to stress out anymore!

Vancouver Gas Utility | NW Natural

Natural gas is one of the most important utilities for your house so you can heat your home, water, and use your stove or oven. The Vancouver gas is provided by NW Natural, and they’ve been in business for over 160 years. Now, they serve over 750,000 homes in the area! Unfortunately, the prices for gas in Washington are going up. You can expect your bill to raise anywhere from $5-$10 per month based on the raise.

The pricing for natural gas in Vancouver is fairly straightforward. You’ll start with a base rate of $8 per month, which is also the minimum your bill has to be. On top of that, you’ll pay per therm, which is very common. Your price for a residential home is $0.81021 per therm. The amount of money you pay per month will depend on a few different factors, like if your home uses a gas stove, washer and dryer, water heater, etc. However, most residential customers can expect to pay around $50-$100 per month in Vancouver WA for their natural gas depending on the season (if heat is needed).

How to start service with NW Natural

Starting your gas utility in Vancouver couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is go here. Then, you’ll need to create a customer profile. From there, they will ask your address, contact information, and a few security questions. You can use your social security number, or they will ask where you have previously lived.

How to transfer service with NW Natural

If you have already had an account with NW Natural, all you have to do is go here to transfer your service. You’ll need your old address along with your new address, and it will all hook up under the same account you previously had. They can usually transfer service within three business days.

How to pay your NW Natural bill

To pay your Vancouver gas bill, you can choose between paying online, mailing in your payment, paying over the phone, or paying in person. To pay online, go here. To pay your bill over the phone, call 800-422-4012. For those who want to mail your bill, you can find information about that here. Finally, if you want to pay in person, you can view the locations closest to you here.

NW Natural Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: 250 SW Taylor Street, Portland, Oregon 97204
  • Phone: 800-422-4012

Vancouver Water Utility | City of Vancouver

Another important utility to set up is your water. The Vancouver water utility is set up by the City of Vancouver. They work with you to get your water set up at new residences, old residences, and even businesses. Whether you’re a new resident of Vancouver or an old one, you can start, stop, or transfer your water service all online. The average water cost for Vancouver residents ends up being $88.07. You’ll pay a base charge depending on the size of your meter, and then an additional charge each month depending on how many gallons you use. Base charge prices are as follows:

  • 5/8 x 3/4 inch and under per month: $9.15
  • 3/4 inch per month: $12.15
  • 1 inch per month: $18.55
  • 1-1/2 inch per month: $34.48
  • 2 inch per month: $53.44

On top of your base charges, you’ll pay $2.59 per CCF.

How to start service with City of Vancouver water

To start your water utility in Vancouver, all you’ll need to do is go here. From there, you’ll need to fill out your address and other personal information to prove that you live there. They’ll then send someone out to look at the meter and note where it’s at for your first month’s charges.

How to transfer service with City of Vancouver water

If you already have a water account with the City of Vancouver, then you’ll need to transfer your service. To do this, you can call a customer service representative at (360) 487-7999. They’ll set up your new account and ensure that everything gets transferred over properly.

How to pay your City of Vancouver water bill

To pay your bill, there are a few things you can do. First, you can pay your bill online by registering for an online account. If you’d rather pay by phone, you can do so by calling (360) 487-7999. Or, you can go in person to pay your bill.

City of Vancouver Water Contact Information

Vancouver Electric Utility | Clark Public Utilities

Perhaps the most important utility in Vancouver is your electricity! Without it, you won’t be able to have lights, power, and more. Your Vancouver electric is run by Clark Public Utilities. Your electricity bill will start with a monthly charge of $12. This covers the electricity delivery fee and service charge. Then, you’ll pay on top of this per kilowatt of energy that you use. The charge for this is $0.0816 per kilowatt-hour. There may also be additional installation fees if you’re relocating to a brand new residence that doesn’t have a meter. The charges for that can be found here.

How to start your Vancouver electricity

To get electricity started at your home, you’ll need one of Clark Public Utilities’ workers to come out and read your meter. You can get that set up along with your online account here. You’ll need to provide some basic personal information, like your address and contact information. They may also act for your social security number or previous addresses you’ve resided at.

How to transfer your Vancouver electricity

If you’ve already had an account with Clark Public Utilities before, then you’ll need to transfer your service. You can do this here. To transfer service, you’ll need to tell them your old residence, new residence, social security number, and whether you’re buying or renting the new property.

How to pay your Vancouver electricity bill

When it comes time to pay your Vancouver utilities bill, you can do it by phone or online. If you want to pay by phone, you’ll need to call 360-992-3400. To pay online, you’ll need to go here. You can set up automatic billing with your bank or pay by credit or debit card each month.

Clark Public Utilities Contact information

Vancouver Internet | Centurylink & Xfinity

If you’re looking for internet in Vancouver, the two best providers are Centurylink and Xfinity. Centurylink internet in Vancouver is up to 1,000mbps, and it starts at just $49.99 per month. It covers 98% of Vancouver, so many people use this provider. The other provider is Xfinity. If you’re looking for Xfinity internet in Vancouver, you can expect to see speeds of up to 1,000mbps, and charges starting at $24.99 per month. Xfinity covers 99.6% of Vancouver. To get started with either provider, visit their website, fill out your home address, and sign up for service.

Vancouver Trash | Waste Connections

Your trash service in Vancouver is handled by Waste Connections. You’ll pay $14.99 per month for one trash bin and about $5 per recycling bin for weekly service. To start your trash service, go here. To transfer your trash service, go here. To pay your bill, you can do so online here, by phone at 1-855-569-2719, or in person at the office 12115 NE 99th ST #1830, Vancouver, WA 98682.

Setting up your Vancouver utilities may take some time, but then your house will be all set! If you’re looking up utilities in Vancouver because you’re planning to move there, we’re here to help. PDX Movers is a top-rated Vancouver moving company with 5-star reviews! Call 503-746-8795 for a free quote today.


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