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2 Ways Millennials Can Master The Art of Moving to a New State

Approximately 35.1 million Americans move every year, and while it’s normal for people of all ages to relocate, millennials in particular are becoming more known for moving to new areas or even new states because of job opportunities, relationships, or maybe just impulsiveness. While moving to a new state is far from easy, taking the time to plan your move accordingly (and hiring the right moving company) can help make the process go as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Here are just a few tips to help all millennials when moving to a new state.

Choose Area Carefully
When choosing the specific area to which you’re relocating, explore the surroundings carefully. If you have certain passions or interests you’re interested in pursuing in your new home, take the time to research which places can provide them. Your interests and values are important, and you shouldn’t have to compromise them. One viable idea to explore the area and have some fun is to bring a buddy or two along and make a weekend trip out of exploring the area’s entertainment scene.

Analyze Budget
Budgeting isn’t always easy for millennials who are working with limited incomes as it is, but it’s absolutely necessary when moving to a new city or state, especially if you don’t have a job secured. Take whatever costs you know of, rent, student loans, other bills, etc. and compare them with your current or predicted income. You can easily categorize your expenses based on their level of necessity. You should also include the cost of moving services or white glove delivery services if you choose to enlist in their help; an interstate (about 1,225 miles) move costs about $4,300, while a intrastate move costs about $2,300.

“Use a spreadsheet or other budgeting program and your predicted salary to line out how much money you’ll have for other items like groceries, utilities, self-care, gym membership, and other necessities. Then if there’s any left over? Budget a category for social activities so you can get out and mingle with your new community,” writes Unpakt.

Ultimately, taking the time to coordinate your move carefully is the key to having a smooth and successful moving process and subsequent fresh start. Don’t forget to hire expert white glove delivery services to make your move even easier!


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