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3 Major Moving Myths, Finally Debunked for Good

Last Updated on: 10th November 2020, 02:21 pm

The moving industry brings in over $12.6 billion every year in revenue. Countless people are used to hiring a moving company to help them transport their belongings safely from their current residence to their new residence. On the other hand, some people are still hesitant when it comes to hiring professional movers due to some common misconceptions that just won’t seem to disappear. But knowing the truth behind these myths can help you determine whether or not the services of a professional moving company may be right for you. Here are just a few common myths about professional movers, debunked.

All moving companies are the same
This is probably the biggest myth out there when it comes to hiring a moving service. The reality is that each and every company is different in terms of pricing, experience, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction. It’s always worth it to take your time to ask friends and family members for recommendations and take to the Internet to explore moving company reviews.

“Do your homework and research the moving companies you are considering. Compare their services, rates, reputation and you will see that there are many reputable movers out there. One spoiled apple doesn’t mean the whole tree is bad,” writes Vasilka Atanasova on MyMovingReviews.

Typically, most moving scammers take advantage of national moves across state lines, which are especially tricky for police to deal with. Most local moving companies employ professional movers and depend on their good reputation, so don’t complicate your move with unwarranted skepticism.

Labeling boxes is a waste of time
Whoever perpetuated this ridiculous myth must not have had very many belongings, or they had an incredible memory and were somehow able to remember the exact contents of every box once it arrived at their new residence. All jokes aside, this is a myth that, if believed, will only cause you more frustration and unpacking time. Take the 10 seconds to write what’s in each box once you’re done packing it — it’s 100% worth it.

Moving companies expect all of my belongings to be packed before they arrive
This is another big misconception that can not only cost you more time, but increase the risk of damaging your belongings. In reality, the majority of moving companies are also happy to pack your belongings. They have plenty of experience and can pack even the most fragile belongings with ease using their professional-grade materials. Get your money’s worth and let them do the hard work.

Planning for a move is rarely easy, but being able to separate fact from fiction and keep logic in mind during your packing process is the key to making the entire ordeal as quick and efficient as possible. For more information about finding the right professional movers, contact PDX Movers.


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