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D-I-Why? The Benefits of Moving Companies

You’ve finally done it: you bought a house or signed a new lease and it’s officially time to move in. Congratulations! You’re one of the 35.1 million Americans that move each year. All your valuables are safely tucked into boxes and you’re itching to decorate your new place. Instead of breaking your back over moving everything yourself, consider the benefits of moving companies — not only do these movers help you during one of the most exciting, stressful times in your life, they have a slew of other positive impacts on your community.

Your Stuff is Safe
Even though you might save a few bucks by calling on your neighbors to help with the move, you’re putting a lot of stock in the average Joe — not everyone is properly trained to guarantee the safety of your glassware and antiques. Moving companies not only have the correct tools and equipment to move your heavy and breakable goods, they have the proper training and experience to make sure it arrives at your new home safely.

It Creates Local Jobs
The moving industry has directly created over 180,000 jobs — this includes jobs right in your local area. This is especially important in areas that you are unfamiliar with, particularly in confusing city environments; local movers will know the ins and outs of the new city or town, including hidden back roads and the best places to park while your stuff is safely moved in.

Save a Trip — Or Two
You’re independent and think you can move everything in with your two-door sedan, but that’s wishful thinking. Whether it’s a quick move down the block or a venture to another town, hiring professional movers will get your goods to your home in one fell swoop, saving you gas money and your valuable time. This is distinctly important if you only have one day to move out. It also means you can start decorating your unique space even more quickly.

It Gives You Options
How do you choose the right moving company for you? Many moving companies offer a variety of services and it can seem a bit overwhelming. Going online or chatting with companies in your area can give you a better idea of what you’re looking for in a professional moving service. Some services, especially those in the greater Portland area, offer extensive services including alternative storage options if you over-estimated the size of your new place, or even packaging options to ensure the safety of your goods (think bubble wrap and peanuts to protect your fragile items).

Moving is hard enough without the worry of losing or breaking the items for your future home. Relying on a professional moving company will save you time and safeguard your assets.


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