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Moving Soon? Use These Tips To Find A Reliable Moving Company: Part 1

Approximately 35.1 million Americans move every year, and countless people rely on moving services to provide them with a safe and reliable method of relocating their personal belongings to their new residence. But it’s no secret that moving can be a very stressful process. The best way to ensure a seamless transition to your new home and give yourself some peace of mind is to hire a reputable moving company. Here’s part one of our guide that will explore some of the top tips for find a moving company you can trust.

Get a Full Walk-Through

One step every reliable moving company does to provide their customers with a proper estimate is to give their home a walk-through to take note of the contents within it. But a truly trustworthy moving company will go above and beyond by asking some important questions during their walk-through. These questions are generally about which items you want on the moving truck, if you’ll be giving any away or donating to charity, or if there will be any items you want left behind for the new owners. A moving company that asks these types of questions wants to provide an accurate estimate, meaning they truly have their customers’ best interests in mind.

Ask About Packing Experience

Typically, if you’re packing your belongings by yourself without the assistance of professional movers, the moving company isn’t liable for any damage sustained during transport. But if you’re having the moving company pack your belongings, it’s important to make sure they have the time and experience to properly do so. Some moving companies also inflate their rates for packaging materials and labor during the packing process. This means that if you do need help packing your things, it’s best to ask about the moving company’s packing experience as well as the rates. While most moving companies are careful with their customers’ belongings, there are those that will cut corners and pack improperly or haphazardly to save on time and packing materials.

Ultimately, understanding these tips can help you find a moving company that truly has your best interests in mind. Keep an eye out for the next post, where we’ll discuss some more tips for finding the perfect movers.


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