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Moving to & Living in Orchards, WA

Ultimate Moving to Orchards WA Guide ☀️ | Is Living in Orchards Washington Right for You?

Last Updated on: 3rd August 2023, 11:52 am

Are you considering moving to Orchards, Washington? This quaint and unique area is a census-designated place (CDP) in Clark County, WA, not a city. Originally named the Fourth Plain, it was numbered the fourth plain in its initial survey by a Hudson Bay Company employee, Dugald Travis. The CDP was soon renamed, as Orchards is known for its plentiful fruit trees, and was established in 1825. Thanks to its beautiful Washington views, prominent agriculture, and proximity to Vancouver, Orchards Washington is a good place to live.

Where is Orchards WA?

Orchards, WA, is located on the southern end of Clark County, Washington, bordered by Hockinson, Brush Prairie, Five Corners, and Vancouver. Orchards, WA is a suburb of Portland and it is only 10 miles from Orchards to Vancouver.

Expect picturesque rolling hills and plenty of apple picking in your future when living in Orchards, WA!

While too rural to offer public transportation, a Clark County Public Transportation bus route runs through Orchards, WA.

Orchards WA Population & Demographics

The population in Orchards, WA, is 27,729, compared to its 2010 population of 19,556. The median household income is $81,035, compared to the US median household income of $69,021. Despite being a CDP, Orchards has the second-largest population in Clark County and the 17th-highest median household income.

Orchards, WA demographics:

  • The median age is 33.2 years old
  • 51% male and 52% female
  • 76.2% White (72.4% non-Hispanic, 13.9% two or more races, 12.5% Hispanic, and 5.5% Asian,
  • Foreign-born population: 13.1%
  • Educational attainment: 89.7% are high school graduates, 23% have their Bachelor’s degree or higher

The crime rate in Orchards, Washington, is 2,113 per 100k people, compared to the state crime rate of 3,026 per 100k people and the US crime rate of 2,346 per 100k people. Orchards, WA, is slightly safer than most US cities and Washington cities or CDPs. 

The violent crime rate in Orchards is 178.9 per 100k people, and the property crime in Orchards, WA, is 1,275 per 100k people.

  • Washington’s violent crime rate per 100k people: 294
  • Washington’s property crime rate per 100k people: 2,732
  • US violent crime rate per 100k people: 388
  • US property crime rate per 100k people: 1,958

Based on statistics, Orchards, WA, is safer than Washington and the US in all crime categories. 

Orchards is patrolled by the 218 dedicated police officers of the Vancouver Police Department.

Cost of Living in Orchards WA

The COLI (Cost Of Living Index) in Orchards, WA, is 112.0, slightly above the US average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four must earn $96,093 to live comfortably in Clark County.

Typical Orchards, WA Living Expenses:

  • Milk: $3.71
  • Loaf of bread: $2.76
  • 1 dozen eggs: $4.30
  • 1 pound of local cheese: $5.85
  • 1 pound of white rice: $1.66
  • Average Orchards, WA utilities per month: $307

Source: Numbeo

*While these figures are for Vancouver, WA, expect similar (or less expensive) numbers for Orchards.

The Orchards average home price, is $493,000, which is $275 a square foot (2.8% lower than in 2022.) The median sale price is $492.500. There are many beautiful and unique homes for sale in Orchards, WA; any home in Orchards could make a beautiful, safe home for you and your family!

According to RentCafe, the average rent in Vancouver is $1,715 per month; expect similar prices in Orchards, WA.

Orchards WA Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Orchards WA

Are you considering moving to Orchards, WA? Here are the safest neighborhoods for you and your family.

North Sifton | Centrally Located Orchards Neighborhood

North Sifton is a beautiful Orchard neighborhood with many unique single-family homes. The average sale price for North Sifton homes is $518,000. North Sifton is a great area located near the heart of Orchards and Otto Brown Neighborhood Park. Browse North Sifton homes for sale.

Mountain View Meadows | Affordable Orchards Neighborhood

Another wonderful yet affordable Orchards, WA neighborhood. With an average sale price of $407,000, you can find a well-located and safe place to stake your claim in Mountain View Meadows.

Mountain View Meadows has a neighborhood park, Oak Grove Neighborhood Park, and a few tasty eateries like Goldie’s Texas Style BBQ. Take a look at these Mountain View Meadows homes for sale.

Orchards WA Weather & Climate

The Orchard’s annual rainfall is 44 inches per year, and an annual snowfall of three inches per year. The average temperature in Orchards in August is 82 degrees, which is usually the hottest month of the year. Orchards, Washington’s average low is 36 degrees in the coldest month (December.) The climate in Orchards in the summer is warm, dry, and clear, and the winter climate is cold, wet, and cloudy. According to the Köppen classification, Orchards has a climate type of Csb, or Mediterranean climate. 

Things to Do in Orchards WA

There are many things to do in Orchards, WA. When you aren’t catching up on your shopping at the Orchards Market Center or the Orchard Plaza, you can enjoy the various attractions and outdoor excursions.

Dizzy Castle

Dizzy Castle is one of the best indoor activities in Orchards, WA. It’s family-friendly and is a great option for a rainy day.

Dizzy Castle 11606 NE 66th St, Vancouver, WA 98662, (360) 885-7529

Orchards Community Park

Orchards has the Washington views we know and love, and Orchards Community park offers pleasant views with shaded walking trails. This is a great free, kid-friendly Orchards outdoor excursion.  

Orchards Community Park 9800 NE 54th St, Vancouver, WA 98662, (360) 397-2000

Orchards Highlands Neighborhood Park

Orchards Highlands Neighborhood Park is another great kid-friendly outdoor activity in Orchards, WA. It can even be a quiet place for a romantic date or picnic.

Orchards Highlands Neighborhood Park 9310 NE 112th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98662 (360) 397-2285

Additional Attractions in Orchards WA

Orchards has a hardworking, well-managed parks and recreation department that keeps their lovely parks looking beautiful for you and your family. Keep an eye out for Orchards events with their special events calendar.

Orchards WA Restaurants

Orchards, WA, has numerous delicious eateries for you and your family to enjoy. Here is a specially crafted list of the top Orchards, WA restaurants. 

Seize The Bagel

Seize The Bagel (Orchard’s location) is a great place to grab breakfast or a late lunch. They have specialty caffeinated beverages (iced coffee galore), numerous bagel and cream cheese options, and even tastier sandwiches (served hot or cold).

Seize The Bagel 9609 NE 117th Ave Suite #2700, Vancouver, WA 98662, (360) 828-7712

Shari’s Cafe and Pies

Shari’s Cafe and Pies is one of the most highly-rated restaurants in Orchards. This 4-star joint is perfect if you’re craving comfort-food-style dishes like chicken pot pie or country-fried steak. Shari’s all-American menu is an Orchard’s favorite.

Sharie’s Cafe and Pies 11717 NE 76th St, Vancouver, WA 98682, (360) 260-8094

Magnolia Tavern

Magnolia Tavern is the perfect spot for a quick bite to eat and a casual drink (or two.) This southern kitchen bar has anything from pork belly burnt ends to stuffed butternut squash. However, they’re really known for their wide variety of specialty draft beers and cocktails.

Magnolia Tavern 8611 NE Ward Rd, Vancouver, WA 98682, (503) 730-5455

Jobs in Orchards WA

The largest industries in Orchards, WE are Manufacturing, Health Care & Social Assistance, and Retail Trade. The highest-paid positions are information, utilities, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting, & Mining.

The average hourly wage in Orchards, WA, is $26.44, equivalent to $55,000 a year.

The largest employers in Clark County are PeaceHealth, Fisher Investments, and Vancouver Public Schools. These employers also employ many Orchards, WA residents.

We understand the toll job searching can put on a person, especially if they’re new to town! Explore jobs in Orchards, WA on Indeed and Clark County jobs ahead of moving to the area!

Orchards WA Schools

Orchards, Washington, is a part of the Evergreen School District. Orchards has numerous highly-renowned and recommended K-12 schools.

A few of the top Orchards schools are:

Orchards also has proximity to numerous top-rated colleges such as Clark College, Columbia Tech Center, and Faith Christian College.

Orchards is home to one quiet and quaint library perfect for finishing that last-minute paper or catching up on homework.

Orchards WA Statistics & Information

  • County: Clark County
  • Orchards Area: 5.4 mi²
  • Orchards Zip code: 98682
  • Orchards Area code: 360
  • Orchards Elevation: 226′
  • Orchards Time zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • The closest airport to Orchards: Portland International Airport (PDX) is 12.8 miles from Port Orchards.

Map of Orchards WA

There is still tons more to see in Orchards, Washington. Explore the rest of the CDP with this map!

If Orchards, WA, has caught your eye, you’re in luck because we’ve formulated an easy-to-follow guide with everything you need to know about the beautiful and unique CDP. While it’s not the biggest, busiest place, this quiet suburbia is only minutes from the fun Vancouver nightlife and other amenities. Before moving to Orchards, Washington, you’ll need reliable Orchards Movers to get you there! Call PDX movers at 503-746-8795 to discuss the parameters of your relocation.



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