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Vancouver WA Moving Costs | 🚚 How Much Do Movers Cost in Vancouver? [Tips, Data, Quotes]

Last Updated on: 16th June 2023, 04:06 am

Are you planning to relocate in Vancouver, WA or the metro area? You may be buying a home, changing neighborhoods, moving to another city for work, or just changing apartments. In addition to your mile-long to-do list, you probably have a lot of questions.

How much do movers cost in Vancouver, WA? There is no easy way to answer this question because your cost is highly individual and based on dozens of factors. Average moving costs in the United States are $800 to $2,150 for a local move. Your cost may be very different, though, depending on the level of service, size of your home, and more.

This guide will help you create a moving budget to plan for your costs. Once you know what determines moving rates in Vancouver, you can also take steps to lower your cost!

Note that this guide covers the cost of local movers in Vancouver, WA. Local relocations are within 50-100 miles in the metro area and completed same-day, usually with an hourly movers rate. If you are planning for a long-distance move, you will likely have a flat cost.

Factors That Affect Your Moving Costs in Vancouver, WA

How much does a moving company cost in Vancouver? It depends on the details of your move! To give you an accurate quote when you request a moving company estimate, you will be asked about the details of your move including your belongings, home, and the move itself.

Remember that local movers usually charge an hourly rate. That means your movers cost per hour must be multiplied by the number of hours it takes to complete your move. An experienced relocation company will estimate the amount of time it will take by considering many details. Here are the most important factors considered to determine professional moving costs.

What Is the move distance?

One of the first and most important details determining your moving service cost in Vancouver is the distance between your origin and destination. Your move will be considered a local relocation if it’s within 25 to 100 miles, depending on the company. This means you will have an hourly rate. If your new home is too far away, you will instead receive a long-distance rate that’s usually a flat cost.

Distance also affects your movers cost because you will pay the same hourly rate for travel time.

When are you moving?

Did you know the date you are moving has a big impact on average moving costs in Vancouver? Your moving date is important because Vancouver moving companies often charge higher rates for their busiest times.

You’ll probably pay more to move between April and September, peak moving season when nearly 80% of people move. With high demand comes higher prices.

Your Vancouver movers cost per hour may also be higher if you move on the weekend instead of the weekday. Likewise, the first and last few days of the month tend to be very busy and may have higher rates.

Simply moving on a Thursday instead of Saturday can significantly reduce your moving rates!

How many movers do you need?

What is the average cost of movers per hour? It depends how many movers you need! The size of the crew needed for your relocation will determine the hourly rate you pay. With most relocation companies, a standard hourly rate includes two movers. You can pay a higher rate for a larger team, but this can save you money because your move will be done faster.

Are there accessibility issues?

A commonly overlooked factor that affects how much movers cost in Vancouver, Washington is the type of home and accessibility. Think about where a moving truck will be able to park and how long it will take a team to walk back and forth to load everything. If you have a single-family home with a driveway, loading or unloading will be faster than it would with an apartment building with stairs and parking on the street, loading dock, or a parking lot.

Here are some questions to consider, especially if you are moving an apartment or condo.

  • Do you have an elevator or stairs? Stairs are faster but more exhausting for the movers.
  • How far is your home from the elevator or stairway?
  • Do you have very heavy or oversized items that must be moved up or down stairs?
  • Where can a moving truck park?
  • Does your building have rules for moving? The service elevator may need to be booked and you may be limited to just two hours, for example.

How much are you moving?

The best way to get an accurate Vancouver moving company rate is by requesting a free assessment which may be done in person or virtually. This is important because the mover will need a good idea of the volume of belongings that need to be used to determine the appropriate number of movers and estimate how long it will take.

It goes without saying that the more you are moving, the higher your professional movers cost – especially if you also need help with the packing!

Do you have specialty items?

If you have items that require special care, or you are otherwise requiring specialty services, it will affect your Vancouver moving costs. Here are some things that can make your move take longer and/or require special packing materials.

  • Piano moving
  • Antiques, artwork, fragile items, or glass that requires custom crating
  • Furniture that needs to be disassembled/reassembled
  • Appliances
  • Very heavy or oversized items

Will you need storage?

Before you think about renting a self-storage unit, consider opting for warehouse storage with the moving company. Warehouse storage is generally more affordable than self-storage and certainly more convenient. Your belongings can be stored as long as you need then delivered to your new home without the added expense and hassle of moving twice.

No matter which option you choose, make sure you add storage to your moving budget.

Do you need packing services?

The average cost of a moving company in Vancouver, WA depends on the level of service you need. The average full service movers cost is higher than the cost for labor-only services or a crew that just handles some aspects of your move. One of the best ways a full-service relocation company can help is with packing services which can be done at the same hourly rate as the loading and unloading plus a flat cost for the supplies.

Doing your own packing can significantly reduce your moving costs, but you can compromise if cost is a concern. Pack the easy items and leave the hard stuff like glassware and flatscreen TVs to the professionals.

Full-Service Movers vs DIY Moving in Vancouver

Are you weighing a do-it-yourself move to reduce your moving costs? Make sure you know what you’re signing up for. A DIY move is more exhausting than you may think and it can even be more expensive than professional, affordable movers in Vancouver.

Along with reducing stress and worry, avoiding the risk of injury, and saving you from the heavy lifting, movers can be a cost-effective option. You don’t need to pay to rent a moving truck or fill the tank, you can save on packing supplies, and you don’t need to buy or rent moving equipment like dollies.

Don’t overlook the potential savings from having professionals handle your move. After all, how much would it cost to repair hardwood floors gouged by well-meaning friends or cherished heirlooms that weren’t packed or loaded securely?

Average Moving Costs in Vancouver | Vancouver, WA Moving Estimates

The average cost to move in Vancouver depends on how long it takes to complete your relocation. Your moving quote will usually have an hourly rate for a certain number of movers. The standard quote usually includes a two-person crew. There may be a minimum number of hours. If your home is larger or there is a lot to do, you can pay higher moving company rates for a larger crew. This can speed up moving day and reduce the number of work hours.

To estimate your cost of movers in Vancouver, you will multiply the quoted hourly rate by the estimated number of hours. You can then add flat costs like packing supplies.

How much does it cost to move a one bedroom apartment in Vancouver?

The cost to hire movers for a one-bedroom apartment should be 3-6 hours at a standard rate with two movers.

How much does it cost to move a two bedroom apartment?

A two-bedroom apartment will likely take 3-6 hours with a three-person team of movers.

How much does it cost to move a home in Vancouver?

Vancouver moving company prices for a house will depend on the size of your home. As a general rule, a smaller home will take 4-7 hours with a four-person crew. A larger 3- or 4-bedroom home will take 10 or more hours with a larger crew.

Tips to Make Your Vancouver Relocation More Affordable

There are many ways to lower your Vancouver moving services cost.

  • If possible, change your move dates. The beginning/end of the month and weekends are the most expensive times to move.
  • Toss, sell, or donate furniture you don’t want to take to reduce how much you need to move.
  • Book movers in Vancouver, WA as soon as possible, even if you don’t know your precise moving dates yet. This is most important if you’re relocating during the peak season.
  • Handle the tasks you’re comfortable doing on your own like some or all of the packing, disconnecting appliances and electronics, and removing furniture legs.
  • Help the movers work efficiently by supplying bottled water and light snacks.

How to Choose a Vancouver Moving Company

Make sure you do your research when hiring professional movers in Vancouver, WA to avoid hidden fees, delays, and unpleasant surprises. A dependable company is licensed and insured with background checked and experienced movers. They should have the specialized equipment necessary with a fleet of well-maintained trucks. Ask about their claims rate and how many moves they complete each year like yours. Check for concerning FMCSA and BBB complaints then look for positive reviews from past customers.

PDX Movers proudly serves more than 1,500 customers every year with a seven-year track record. Our fully vetted employees have earned hundreds of 5-star reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook thanks to their attention to detail and prompt, professional demeanor. We care about making your move exciting, seamless, and easy and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Additional Vancouver Moving Tips

  • Keep a moving folder with important contracts, new addresses, receipts, and notes related to the move.
  • Pack a suitcase with a change of clothing, medication, and important documents that stays with you, not on the truck with your belongings.
  • Need to break a lease? Find out what you should know about breaking a lease in Oregon and take steps to potentially reduce the cost.
  • Have your utilities connected or transferred a few days before move-in. You should have at least electricity and power at your new home. Our guide to Vancouver, WA utilities covers how to turn on/transfer utilities.
  • Check with your HOA or property manager for special move-in/move-out rules, especially if you live in an apartment or condo building.
  • Hire movers 6 to 8 weeks in advance. You’ll be able to lock in moving prices and make sure your dates are secured.
  • Tipping movers in Vancouver, WA isn’t required, but it’s a great way to show appreciation to a hard-working team. How much should you tip movers? About $5/mover per hour or $25/mover.
  • Download our Ultimate Moving Checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything!

If you’re getting ready to relocate within the Vancouver, WA area, the friendly team at PDX Movers are ready to help! Give us a call or fill out the form to discuss your upcoming transition and get a free, affordable quote to budget for your move.


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