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Cities in Washington County 🗺️ | Best Towns & Cities in Washington County Oregon

Last Updated on: 26th December 2023, 12:32 pm

Washington County is located in northwestern Oregon and is the second most populous county in the state. The county was originally named “Twality” when created in 1843 but was later renamed in 1849 to honor the nation’s first president. Today, Washington County is known for its large cities, high household incomes, and exciting attractions.

There are many different cities in Washington County, Oregon for you to consider calling home. We will take a look at 10 of the most popular Washington County, Oregon cities, as well as a few smaller cities and towns in the area. All of the information provided comes from the US Census.

Washington County, OR

Where is Washington County, Oregon? Washington County Oregon is located in the northwestern portion of the state and is approximately 20 miles to the west of Portland. A majority of Washington County is located in the Tualatin Valley, which is formed by the Tualatin Mountains, the Chehalem Mountains, and the Northern Oregon Coast Range. You will also find the Tualatin River running through the county.

The Washington County Oregon population is 600,372, and the county has seen a population increase of 13.3% over the past decade. Many people move to Washington County to take advantage of its amazing job opportunities. Nike, Leupold & Stevens, Columbia Sportswear, and Reser’s Fine Foods all have headquarters in Washington County Oregon.

Residents of Washington County, OR are very affluent, with a median household income of $92,205. This is higher than both the Oregon average of $70,084 and the national average of $69,021.

Washington County Demographics

  • Washington County population: 600,372
  • Washington County median age: 38.2
  • Washington County median household income: $92,025
  • Washington County median price of housing: $586,500
  • Washington County area: 726 square miles
  • Washington County density: 830 people per square mile
  • Washington County educational attainment: 93.0% high school degree (or higher), 45.6% bachelor’s degree (or higher)
  • Washington County, Oregon map

Cities in Washington County

What cities are in Washington County, Oregon? These are the ten biggest cities in Washington County Oregon.

#1 Portland*


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Portland is one of the most well-known cities in Washington County. Portland is the largest city in Oregon and spans over 145 square miles. Portland is known for its bike-friendly streets, easy access to nature, and amazing art scene. You will also find incredible breweries such as Ruse Brewing and Little Beast Brewing Beer Garden. When living in Portland, you will have access to top attractions such as Forest Park, The Portland Children’s Museum, and Oaks Amusement Park.

  • Portland population: 652,503
  • Portland population growth: 11.7% increase since 2010
  • Portland area: 145 square miles
  • Portland median age: 38.5
  • Portland median household income: $78,476
  • Portland median house price: $524,900
  • Portland crime rate: 5,262 crimes per 100,000 people (78.3% higher than state average and 124.3% higher than national average)
  • Portland map

*Only a small portion of Portland is in Washington County. The city is mainly in Multnomah County.

#2 Hillsboro

Hillsboro is one of the biggest cities close to Portland, Oregon, as well as one of the best Washington County Oregon cities. Hillsboro is situated just 20 miles west of Portland and is the county seat of Washington County. This Washington County city is known for being a thriving economic hub, especially in the manufacturing industry. In fact, 13% of Oregon’s manufacturing jobs are in Hillsboro, with major employers in the area such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Genentech, and Acumed.

  • Hillsboro population: 106,447
  • Hillsboro population growth: 16.1% increase since 2010
  • Hillsboro area: 25.86 square miles
  • Hillsboro median age: 35.9
  • Hillsboro median household income: $91,540
  • Hillsboro median house price: $520,000
  • Hillsboro crime rate: 2,163 crimes per 100,000 people (26.7% lower than state average and 7.8% lower than national average)
  • Hillsboro map

#3 Beaverton


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A post shared by City of Beaverton (@cityofbeaverton)

When searching for Washington County, Oregon cities, Beaverton should be at the top of your list. Beaverton is one of the biggest towns near Hillsboro, Oregon, and is only 10.5 miles away from the county seat. The city is known for having beautiful two-story family homes and is a largely residential area. The neighborhoods in Beaverton are complete with sidewalks, spacious yards, and lamp-lined streets. You will also find incredible places to eat in Beaverton at local stops like Black Bear Diner and Elmer’s Restaurant.

  • Beaverton population: 97,494
  • Beaverton population growth: 8.5% increase since 2010
  • Beaverton area: 19.61 square miles
  • Beaverton median age: 35.3
  • Beaverton median household income: $82,380
  • Beaverton median house price: $634,950
  • Beaverton crime rate: 2,430 crimes per 100,000 people (17.7% lower than state average and 3.6% higher than national average)
  • Beaverton map

#4 Tigard

If you are searching for cities near Beaverton, Oregon, then look no further than Tigard. Tigard is only 5.9 miles away from Beaverton and is known for its safe neighborhoods, friendly people, and top-rated schools. 15% of Tigard’s population is between the ages of 5-17, accounting for nearly 7,500 people. The Tigard-Tualatin School District serves the area with well-known schools such as Durham Elementary, Mary Woodward Elementary, and Tigard High. You will also find many private school options, such as Gaarde Christian School and Westside Christian High School.

  • Tigard population: 55,539
  • Tigard population growth: 15.6% increase since 2010
  • Tigard area: 12.76 square miles
  • Tigard median age: 38.6
  • Tigard median household income: $93,532
  • Tigard median house price: $599,000
  • Tigard crime rate: 2,801 crimes per 100,000 people (5.1% lower than state average and 19.4% higher than national average)
  • Tigard map

#5 Lake Oswego*

Lake Oswego is one of the most popular cities around Portland, Oregon, as well as one of the most affluent cities in Washington County. Lake Oswego’s median household income is more than 1.5 times the amount in Oregon as well as 1.5 times the amount in the Portland-Vancouver-Hillboro, OR metro area. The homes in Lake Oswego are spectacular, many of which are over 3,500 square feet. You’ll find many sought-after neighborhoods in Lake Oswego, including Mountain Park, Blue Heron, and Lakewood.

  • Lake Oswego population: 40,731
  • Lake Oswego population growth: 11.2% increase since 2010
  • Lake Oswego area: 11.48 square miles
  • Lake Oswego median age: 45.9
  • Lake Oswego median household income: $120,585
  • Lake Oswego median house price: $834,950
  • Lake Oswego crime rate: 1,708 crimes per 100,000 people (42.1% lower than state average and 27.2% lower than national average)
  • Lake Oswego map

*Only a portion of Lake Oswego is in Washington County, Oregon. Most of the city lies within Clackamas County.

#6 Tualatin

Tualatin is one of the most popular Washington Oregon cities among nature lovers. This beautiful city is close to many popular natural attractions, such as the Cascade Mountain Range and Browns Ferry Park. In addition to suburban neighborhoods, you will also find many apartment living options in Tualatin. The downtown section of the city boasts impressive apartment complexes such as ReNew West Tualatin and Timbers at Tualatin. According to RentCafe, the average rent in Tualatin is $1,828.

  • Tualatin population: 27,942
  • Tualatin population growth: 7.2% increase since 2010
  • Tualatin area: 8.40 square miles
  • Tualatin median age: 37.5
  • Tualatin median household income: $97,931
  • Tualatin median house price: $630,000
  • Tualatin crime rate: 2,818 crimes per 100,000 people (4.5% lower than state average and 20.1% higher than national average)
  • Tualatin map

#7 Wilsonville*

Situated just outside of Portland is the beautiful town of Wilsonville. This town is known for its council-managed government, which means that an unelected city manager runs day-to-day operations in the area. Wilsonville is home to Graham Oaks Nature Park, which is a 250-acre green space where you can run, hike, bike, and bird-watch. You will also find many delicious restaurants in the area, including BooneTown Tap and Grill and Shari’s Cafe and Pies.

  • Wilsonville population: 26,664
  • Wilsonville population growth: 36.6% increase since 2010
  • Wilsonville area: 7.76 square miles
  • Wilsonville median age: 36.8
  • Wilsonville median household income: $78,508
  • Wilsonville median house price: $659,900
  • Wilsonville crime rate: 2,043 crimes per 100,000 people (31% lower than state average and 2% lower than national average)
  • Wilsonville map

*Most of Wilsonville is located in Clackamas County. Only a small portion is covered by Washington County, Oregon.

#8 Forest Grove

Forest Grove is one of the fastest-growing cities in Washington County, and the population of Forest Grove has seen a 24.3% increase in the past decade! The amazing attractions that this city has to offer explain the large increase in population. You’ll find fabulous wineries like David Hill Vineyards, as well as attractions for the whole family to enjo, including the Forest Grove City Aquatic Center and Fernhill Wetlands. Forest Grove is mainly a commuter town as both Oregon Routes 8 and 47 pass through the city, providing easy access to Portland.

  • Forest Grove population: 26,225
  • Forest Grove population growth: 24.3% increase since 2010
  • Forest Grove area: 6.03 square miles
  • Forest Grove median age: 35
  • Forest Grove median household income: $73,499
  • Forest Grove median house price: $569,000
  • Forest Grove crime rate: 2,233 crimes per 100,000 people (24.3% lower than state average and 4.8% lower than national average)
  • Forest Grove map

#9 Sherwood


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A post shared by Imelda (@imeldak)

Sherwood is one of the most desirable cities in Washington County Oregon. The city was ranked #5 on Money Magazine’s ‘Top 50 Best Small Towns to Live In.’ Sherwood is complete with a historic downtown area, top-rated schools, and gorgeous nature. It is one of the safest Washington County, Oregon cities, with a crime rate that is well below the state and national averages. When living in Sherwood, you will find beautiful single-family homes. Most of which are two-story, newly-built homes with large yards and two-car garages. Home prices in Sherwood are up 10.4% since last year and sit on the market for an average of 55 days.

  • Sherwood population: 20,450
  • Sherwood population growth: 12.3% increase since 2010
  • Sherwood area: 4.89 square miles
  • Sherwood median age: 36.3
  • Sherwood median household income: $104,651
  • Sherwood median house price: $679,960
  • Sherwood crime rate: 1,356 crimes per 100,000 people (54.0% lower than state average and 42.2% lower than national average)
  • Sherwood map

#10 Cornelius

Cornelius is one of the biggest cities near Hillsboro, Oregon, as well as one of the most sought-after cities in Washington County. The city lies just between Forest Grove and Hillsboro and is just 2.34 square miles in area. Cornelius is popular among older adults, with many of the neighborhoods surrounding the Forest Hills Golf Course. This club features an 18-hole golf course as well as a restaurant and bar. Home prices in Cornelius are down 14.1% compared to last year, and you will find mostly single-family properties in the city.

  • Cornelius population: 12,694
  • Cornelius population growth: 6.9% increase since 2010
  • Cornelius area: 2.34 square miles
  • Cornelius median age: 37.4
  • Cornelius median household income: $72,917
  • Cornelius median house price: $455,000
  • Cornelius crime rate: 2,515 crimes per 100,000 people (14.8% lower than state average and 7.2% higher than national average)
  • Cornelius map

Cities in Washington County Map

Here is a map of the cities within the Washington County boundaries.

Small Towns & Cities in Washington County Oregon

If you are searching for smaller Washington County, Oregon cities, then there are plenty of options for you. Whether you are looking for a city of 20,000, 10,000, or 500 people, Washington County has it all. These are a few Washington County, Oregon cities with a population of less than 26,300.

Community/Municipality Municipality Type Population
Forest Grove City 26,225
Sherwood City 20,450
Cornelius City 12,694
King City City 5,184
North Plains City 3,441
Durham City 1,944
Banks City 1,837
Gaston City 676
Rivergrove City 545

Which One of Washington County’s Cities Is Right for You?

Now that we have covered what cities are in Washington County, Oregon, which one will you be calling home? The cities in Washington County are very diverse, and there is something for everyone! Once you have found your dream city, then let the expert team at PDX Movers help you! Give us a call today at 503-746-8795 to get started with a free moving quote!


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