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Safest Neighborhoods in Portland, OR

Safest Neighborhoods in Portland 🏡| Portland’s Safest Places to Live

Last Updated on: 19th August 2021, 04:55 am

As you look for the safest Portland neighborhoods, you’ll find plenty of great places that offer comfortable living and nearby amenities. You might end up paying a bit more for homes in the nicer parts of town but the investment will pay off in the long run. The more you learn about which Portland communities are the safest, you can make the right choice to fit your needs.

Crime Stats in Portland, OR

When it comes to living in a big city, there will always be areas that are safer than others. Portland neighborhoods are no exception as the city has communities that are safe and secure, while some are better to avoid. The city of Portland’s total crime rate may be about 132% higher than the national average but it’s more important that you are simply aware of the neighborhoods that are safe.

Here are a few Portland crime stats to give you a basic idea of the city:

  • The violent crime rate is 520 cases per 100,000 residents each year.
  • For every 100,000 residents, the city had 161 robberies and 289 aggravated assaults.
  • There have been about 676 burglaries, 3,728 larceny-thefts, and 1,054 vehicle thefts per 100,000 residents. 
  • Check out a neighborhood view with the Portland Police Department’s interactive crime map.

Safest Neighborhoods in Portland

1. Eastmoreland – Safe Community in Portland for Families

  • Population: 4,056
  • Crime: Eastmoreland is safer than 66% of the cities in Oregon
  • Median Home Listing Price: $845,000
  • Great for: Eastmoreland is a great place for families who want a quiet, secure community.

Located on the southeast side of town, Eastmoreland is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Portland for many reasons. It is close to some of the city’s top things to do including the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, Oaks Amusement Park, and Westmoreland Park Nature Playground. You’ll also find great places to eat at nearby locations like Papa Haydn, PDX Sliders, and Gino’s.

View of Downtown Portland

As a family-friendly Portland community, the area hosts Grover Cleveland High School, which is ranked the 5th best high school in the state of Oregon. Winterhaven Elementary School is also located in this area. The community’s crime rates are 56% lower than the Portland average, making it a safe place to live for all.

2. Northwest District – One of the Most Populated and Safest Portland Neighborhoods

  • Population: 12,838
  • Crime: Local crime rates are 60% lower than the Portland average.
  • Median Home Listing Price: $640,000
  • Great for: Local shopping destinations and easy access to downtown Portland.

This popular community covers a large area and provides a hub of safety for its many residents. The neighborhood has violent crime rates that are 45% lower than the country average.

The Northwest District is located near the Pearl District, which offers great shopping opportunities and fun things to do such as The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum. Residents living in this community also have easy access to many great places to eat such as Ataula, Lela’s Bistro, and the Fillmore Trattoria.

3. Linnton – Affordable Place to Live in Portland

  • Population: 1,884
  • Crime: 1 in 42 chance of becoming a victim of crime
  • Median Home Listing Price: $537,000
  • Great for: Affordable living within a safe and comfortable part of Portland.

You’ll find the community of Linnton on the northwest side of the city in between Forest Park and the Willamette River. Due to its location, you’ll find lots of great activities in this safe Portland neighborhood including the Linnton Loop Hike Trailhead. Across St. Johns Bridge you’ll also find Pier Park, a fun place to visit on the other side of the Willamette River.

With a decent number of young children residing in this area, parents can send them to either Skyline Elementary School or Jacob Wismer Elementary School. And as one of the safest neighborhoods in Portland, the community crime rates are 60% lower than the Portland average

4. Southwest Hills – An Affluent Community in Portland

  • Population: 5,849
  • Crime: Southwest Hills is safer than 70% of the cities in Oregon
  • Median Home Listing Price: $1.1 million
  • Great for: Gorgeous homes within secure communities that offer plenty of nice amenities.

Homes within Southwest Hills are upscale and beautiful, making this safe Portland neighborhood one of the wealthiest areas of the city. Residents enjoy peace of mind as there are 45% less violent crimes in this community than the national average.

One of the best things to do in Southwest Hills is to visit the nearby Portland Japanese Garden, which features magnificent gardens and cultural education. Other great places to visit include the Marquam Nature Park and Council Crest Park. Easily the best restaurant in Southwest Hills is Vista Spring Cafe, a classy Italian eatery.

5. Bridlemile – Pleasant Portland Neighborhood with Popular Attractions

  • Population: 4,367
  • Crime: Bridlemile crime rates are decreasing by 3% year over year.
  • Median Home Listing Price: $850,000
  • Great for: A safe lifestyle where people of all ages can enjoy a quiet neighborhood.

With crime rates that are 60% lower than the Portland average, anyone thinking about relocating to Portland should consider Bridlemile as an option. The community is among the top 30% of the safest parts of Oregon.

People ranging from young children all the way up to senior retirees call this beautiful part of town home. Many local kids attend the nearby West Sylvan Middle School. A few of the top activities close to Bridlemile are the Oregon Zoo, Washington Park, and the Portland Children’s Museum.

6. Hillsdale – Great Places to Eat & Safe Living in Portland

  • Population: 7,651
  • Crime: Among the top 40% safest communities in Oregon.
  • Median Home Listing Price: $675,000
  • Great for: The local food scene offers many nice places to eat along with top-rated primary schools.

Along the south-central border of Portland, people enjoy residing in one of the city’s most secure neighborhoods known as Hillsdale. Residents living in this part of town have a 1 in 42 chance of becoming a victim of crime, though that number is decreasing by an average of 3% each year.

Nice home in Portland, OR

Hillsdale hosts a wide range of fun places to visit like Gabriel Park along with top local restaurants including Seasons & Regions Seafood Grill, Gigi’s Cafe, Salvador Molly’s, as well as Chart House. The local Wilson High School is among the top 20 high schools in the state. Students can also attend the reputable Riverdale High School in this safe Portland neighborhood as well.

7. Alameda – Another Safe Portland Neighborhood for Families

  • Population: 5,183
  • Crime: Alameda crime rates are 7% lower than the national average
  • Median Home Listing Price: $825,000
  • Great for: This Portland community is tremendously safe and has many schools within its borders.

In the northeast part of town, Alameda is most noted for its many local schools such as Alameda Elementary, Beaumont Middle School, Grant High School, and Portland Arthur Academy Charter School. Parents can feel comfort in knowing the Alameda neighborhood has a low violent crime rate that is 45% below the national median.

Many of the residences in Alameda were built by high-class locals in the early days of Portland becoming a city. They are large, unique, and tend to come with a price tag that matches the level of classiness. As you look around this safe Portland community, you’ll find interesting things to do at places like The Grotto, Irving Park, and the Alberta Arts District.

High Crime Areas of Portland

To keep yourself safe when living in this city, it’s just as important to know the more dangerous parts of town along with the safest neighborhoods in Portland. A few of the Portland neighborhoods with a higher crime rate are:

  • Sunderland (population: 740) – Crime rates are 46% higher than the Portland average
  • Montavilla (population: 16,042) – 1 in 16 chance of becoming a victim of crime
  • Centennial (population: 5,039) – 93% more crime than the national average
  • Powellhurst-Gilbert (population: 25,119) – 219% more crime than the national average

Safest Portland Neighborhoods FAQ

Is downtown Portland safe?

No matter what big city you live in, most parts of town will be safer during the day, while night tends to be the more common time for crime. All in all, downtown Portland has a crime rate that is 157% higher than the national average.

The city of Portland at sunset

Is it safe to live in Portland, OR?

Portland has plenty of safe neighborhoods for residents to live comfortably. The main thing is to educate yourself on which communities have lower crime rates to set yourself up in an area that will have a lower chance of becoming a victim.

What parts of Portland should I avoid?

  • Sunderland
  • Montavilla
  • Bridgeton
  • Powellhurst-Gilbert
  • Centennial
  • Old Town
  • Lents
  • Hazelwood
  • Mill Park

Map of the Safest Neighborhoods in Portland

Are You Ready to Move Into a Safe Portland Community?

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