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Cities in Clark County WA 🎰 Explore Clark County Washington Towns & Cities to Visit or Call Home

Cities in Clark County WA 🎰 | Explore Clark County Washington Towns & Cities to Visit or Call Home

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 06:22 am

Clark County Washington is your place to be! The county contains seven cities and one town, each of which has comfortable homes for sale, fun and unique attractions, and great access to outdoor activities and natural wonders.

But it can be hard to narrow down your list of cities in Clark County WA, especially because there are seven cities, one town, and many census-designated places (CDPs) in the county. The key is to read about Clark County WA, and then look at each city in Clark County individually. Here’s what you should know about Clark County and cities in Clark County WA, including the safest city in Clark County.

Clark County

Before you start researching cities in Clark County, you should learn a little more about Clark County WA itself. Where is Clark County? Clark County is the southernmost county in Washington, located in the southwest corner of the state. It borders the Columbia River directly across from Portland, Oregon. It is a part of the Portland metro area; it’s one of two Washington counties in the metro area. Clark County ranks fifth amongst Washington counties by population, though it ranks 35th out of 39 counties in Washington by land size. It is currently the second densest county in Washington.

Clark County was created in 1845 and was originally called Vancouver County after the city of Vancouver, Washington. It was renamed to Clark County in 1849, paying tribute to William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The county initially contained the entire area of present-day Washington, as Washington had not been added to the United States yet. The county was divided and reached its current area in 1880.

Clark County Washington is best known for its natural beauty and outdoor attractions. Clark County contains numerous natural wonders, including Yale Lake, Battle Ground Lake State Park, and Lacamas Lake. The county is also within driving distance of Mt St Helens, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and Mount Adams.

The county is not well known for being a hub for tourism, but there are other attractions besides parks and lakes to visit, namely in Vancouver. Vancouver Mall covers nearly 800,000 square feet and contains over 100 stores. You can also watch movies at an AMC theater and play laser tag inside the mall.

Clark County WA also has a strong and diverse economy. Nearly 237,000 people have jobs in Clark County, and the county added over 5,700 jobs between 2020 and 2021. Health care, manufacturing, and retail trade are the three biggest job sectors, but you can also find construction and professional services jobs throughout the county.

The county has a cool-summer Mediterranean climate with warm summers and long and wet winters. Average temperatures remain in the low 40s during the winter and rise to the mid to late 60s during the summer. The weather is overcast during the spring, fall, and winter, with 76% of days in January and December being mostly cloudy and overcast. Vancouver receives 54.6 inches of rain on average every year.

Clark County Demographics

  • Clark County population: 516,779
  • Clark County WA median age: 38.9
  • Clark County median household income: $91,248
  • Median price of homes for sale Clark County WA: $528,950
  • Clark County area: 628.5 square miles
  • Clark County population density: 822.2 people per square mile
  • Clark County educational attainment: 93.1% of residents older than 25 have graduated high school, 32.8% have a bachelor’s degree

#1. Vancouver

Vancouver Washington is the largest city in Clark County in terms of Clark County WA population and land size. It’s also the county seat, so you can find Clark County WA government offices in the city. Where is Vancouver? Vancouver WA is just north of the Washington-Oregon border and the Columbia River, and bridges over the river connect the city to Portland, making it a good place for outdoor enthusiasts and commuters to Portland.

Portland has no sales taxes, so many residents shop in Portland while living in Vancouver to reduce the cost of living in Vancouver. Though Vancouver WA has sales taxes, it overall has an affordable cost of living. According to Redfin, the median sale price of homes for sale Vancouver WA is $485,473, nearly $45,000 below the county average. According to RentCafe, the average cost of apartments for rent Vancouver WA is $1,746 a month, which is nearly equal to the national average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need to earn $103,344 a year to live in the Portland-Vancouver Washington metro area, and you can reduce your expenses further by using public transportation or renting an apartment.

  • Vancouver population: 190,515
  • Vancouver WA median household income: $67,462
  • Median price of homes for sale Vancouver WA: $485,473

#2. Orchards

Orchards WA is a census-designated place, meaning it is a part of unincorporated Clark County WA. While Orchards residents do not have a municipal government, they receive services from the county. Orchards Washington borders Vancouver to the north, so you can go into the city for stores, attractions, and restaurants.

Orchards WA is a predominantly residential community, containing a few subdivisions and plenty of homes for sale. Fieldstone Estates is a subdivision with spacious single-family homes. You can buy a three-bedroom home covering over 2,500 square feet for less than $800,000. Several home builders are based in Orchards, including New Tradition Homes, which builds homes in Fieldstone Estates and other areas of Orchards.

If you prefer to live in an apartment, you can live in Promenade, which offers one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments in Orchards WA, starting at $1,552 a month. All apartments are pet-friendly and wheelchair accessible.

  • Orchards population: 27,729
  • Orchards median household income: $81,035
  • Median price of houses for sale Orchards: $521,000

#3. Camas Washington

Camas Washington borders Vancouver to the east, but it’s a relatively small city with a friendly and rural vibe, with many people considering it one of the best Vancouver suburbs. Camas Washington has historically been a working class community, with a paper mill serving as the primary employer. But the city is evolving rapidly and is the home of several major high-tech companies, including Hewlett Packard and Analog Devices. Camas’s economy is growing rapidly; between 2020 and 2021, the city added nearly 350 new Camas jobs. Health care, manufacturing, and professional services are the three biggest industries in terms of Camas WA jobs, and each of these sectors has median earnings of over $130,000.

Camas is primarily residential, with numerous culdesacs located close to parks and green areas. The Camas WA real estate is very diverse, and you can find homes for sale Camas WA of many different styles and features in the community. You can purchase recently built single family Camas WA homes for sale with three or more bedrooms and over 4,000 square feet for less than $2 million. You can also purchase smaller, split-level condos for sale Camas WA or townhouses with a Cape Cod or traditional style for less than $500,000.

Camas WA is the safest city in Clark County WA. The overall crime rate is 1,165 offenses per 100,000 people, which is 61.5% lower than the state average. The violent crime rate is 89.1% lower than Washington’s average. The Camas Police Department has 29 total officers who serve the community and conduct regular patrols. Camas Washington is also the wealthiest city in Clark County WA.

  • Population of Camas WA: 26,065
  • Camas Washington median household income: $121,094
  • Median price of homes for sale Camas WA: $669,000

#4. Hazel Dell

Hazel Dell is another census-designated place in unincorporated Clark County WA. Interstate 5 runs through the center of the community, so it’s one of the best towns in Clark County WA for commuters. It’s also one of the best towns for shopping. The Hazel Dell Towne Center is an open-air shopping mall with a Target and a Kohl’s, as well as a few small stores. You can find a Walmart within walking distance of the mall and a Safeway grocery store elsewhere in Hazel Dell.

The main attraction in the community is Regal Cinema 99, which screens Blockbuster and independent films at affordable prices. You can also visit Husted’s Hazel Dell Lanes, which has 24 bowling lanes you can visit seven days a week. The locally run bowling alley has an on-site lounge and restaurant where you can have quick meals and enjoy special events, including karaoke nights. Hazel Dell Lanes is one of the most popular places for bowling in Vancouver WA.

Hazel Dell contains some of the best elementary schools in Clark County. US News ranks Dwight D Eisenhower Elementary School as the top elementary school in Vancouver Public Schools. 63% of Eisenhower Elementary students test at or above the proficiency level in mathematics, 14 percentage points higher than the state average.

  • Population of Hazel Dell: 23,569
  • Hazel Dell median household income: $64,408
  • Median price of homes for sale in Hazel Dell WA: $440,000

#5. Salmon Creek

Salmon Creek borders Hazel Dell WA directly to the north, and it’s a CDP. Salmon Creek State Park is one of the top parks in the county, containing Klineline Pond, a kid-friendly point of interest for swimming. The park covers 400 acres and has paved walking trails, picnic shelters, and a splash pad open during the summer.

The park runs through the center of the community, splitting Salmon Creek WA into two areas. North Salmon Creek is more urbanized and contains a few hotels popular amongst businesspeople, like La Quinta Vancouver WA. South Salmon Creek is more undeveloped and residential. You can find homes for sale in both areas, though the homes in South Salmon Creek WA are more affordable. You can buy four-bedroom homes covering 1,600 square feet in South Salmon Creek for less than $250,000.

  • Population of Salmon Creek: 21,293
  • Salmon Creek median household income: $86,110
  • Median price of Salmon Creek homes for sale: $525,000

#6. Five Corners

Five Corners is a CDP bordering Vancouver to the northeast and Orchards to the west. Five Corners WA is a predominantly residential community, though it contains Prairie High School (PHS). 79% of students at PHS test at or above the proficiency level in science, and 69% test at or above the proficiency in reading. 

Though the median price of Five Corners homes for sale is higher than in other cities in Clark County, you can find some of the most affordable properties in the area in Five Corners WA. Three-bedroom homes for sale in Five Corners WA covering 1,400 square feet and containing fenced backyards and spacious layouts cost less than $150,000.

  • Population of Five Corners: 20,973
  • Five Corners Washington median household income: $88,441
  • Median price of Five Corners WA homes for sale: $455,000

#7. Battle Ground

Battle Ground WA is 17 miles from Vancouver, and it’s one of the most family-friendly Clark County, Washington cities. The center of Battle Ground WA is well-developed with businesses like Walmart Supercenter and UPS and residential neighborhoods, while the borders of the community have undeveloped areas and green spaces. You can go for walks underneath trees and play with your kids in fields and parks throughout Battle Ground Washington, including Oak Meadow.

The Battle Ground School District is headquartered in Battle Ground, and you can find various top public schools in the community. US News ranks CAM Academy as the fourth-best Washington middle school, the best ranking for any middle school in Clark County. CAM Academy is an alternative school where all students receive daily classes on computer technology and have off-site learning days where they participate in independent study and extended learning opportunities. 91% of CAM students test at or above the proficiency level in reading, 33 percentage points higher than the state average.

  • Battle Ground WA population: 20,743
  • Battle Ground Washington median household income: $85,943
  • Median price of homes for sale Battle Ground WA: $601,906

#8. Washougal WA

Washougal WA is best known as a bedroom community and suburb of Vancouver, Portland, and other large Clark County Washington cities. Many residents commute to work using State Route 14, which runs through Washougal WA, and Camas and connects to Vancouver. You can also use public transportation; CTRAN provides bus services in Washougal, Washington, and you can find out where stops and routes are using CTRAN’s full system map.

You can always go to Vancouver for attractions, stores, and restaurants, but Washougal has a lot to offer in its own right. Cottonwood Beach is located along the Columbia River and is a family-friendly place for swimming, fishing, and boating. Captain William Clark Regional Park covers 93 acres and contains nearly five miles of walking trails as well as picnic areas and barbeque grills. Sandy Swimming Hole is one of the most popular points of interest for swimming in Clark County and has a quaint wooden deck from which you can watch sunsets.

  • Washougal WA population: 17,039
  • Washougal median household income: $95,894
  • Median price of homes for sale Washougal WA: $494,500

#9. Minnehaha

Minnehaha is a CDP surrounded on three sides by Vancouver. Minnehaha is one of the most popular towns in Clark County Washington for families. 24.8% of residents are children, with 14.6% of residents being under the age of ten. Harry S Truman Elementary School is located in Minnehaha WA, and employs 36 full-time teachers, all of whom are certified.

Kid-friendly points of interest in Minnehaha include Tower Crest Neighborhood Park. The park covers 2.9 acres of land and is well known for its towering trees that you can picnic under and take photos of. The park contains a paved walking trail, a small playground, and a unique area for dirt bike riding. Minnehaha also has Bosco Farm Neighborhood Park, which has two playgrounds, a basketball court, and short walking trails, making it good for quick outdoor activities.

  • Minnehaha WA population: 11,871
  • Minnehaha median household income: $88,696
  • Median price of Minnehaha homes for sale: $500,000

#10. Ridgefield WA

Ridgefield WA is the fastest-growing city in the state, more than doubling its population between 2010 and 2020. The city is best known for its connections to Native American history, being located near Cathlapotle, a Chinookan town. It’s also well known for Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, a nature reserve for birds that is open to the public.

Unlike other towns in Clark County Washington, Ridgefield Washington is largely undeveloped, with large tracts of farmland and vacant lots. However, the community has distribution centers and offices for major businesses like Family Dollar and United Natural Foods (UNFI), making it a good place to get a job. You can also use Interstate 5 to find jobs or go shopping in nearby communities, as the interstate runs through Ridgefield WA.

  • Ridgefield WA population: 10,319
  • Ridgefield median household income: $107,861
  • Median price of homes for sale Ridgefield WA: $485,130

Map of Cities in Clark County WA

You can find all these cities in Clark County Washington using this map!

Smaller Towns and Cities in Clark County WA

Clark County contains 28 communities, including census-designated places. While most of the cities in Clark County are very small, you should look into them when you are thinking about moving to Clark County because some of them are the best Vancouver suburbs. Here are the other towns in Clark County Washington.

Small Towns and Cities in Clark County WA Municipality Population
Mount Vista CDP 10,051
Walnut Grove CDP 9,790
Felida CDP 9,526
Barberton CDP 8,567
Lake Shore CDP 7,056
Woodland City 6,531
Hockinson CDP 6,105
Venersborg CDP 4,011
La Center City 3,424
Brush Prairie CDP 2,738
Meadow Glade CDP 2,606
Lewisville CDP 2,414
Amboy CDP 1,838
Yacolt Town 1,796
Fern Prairie CDP 1,723
Duluth CDP 1,273
Dollars Corner CDP 665
Cherry Grove CDP 588


How Many Clark County Washington Cities Are There?

There are seven Clark County, Washington cities, including one city on the border between Clark and Cowlitz Counties. It also has one town and dozens of CDPs.

What Is the Most Populous City in Clark County?

Vancouver is the most populous city in Clark County, with a population of 190,515 people.

What Is the Wealthiest City in Clark County?

Camas is the wealthiest city in Clark County, with a median household income of $121,094.

Which City Is the Largest in Land Size?

Vancouver is the largest Clark County city, with a land size of 52.45 square miles.

What Is the Most Crowded City in Clark County?

Vancouver is the most crowded city, with a population density of 3,632.32 people per square mile.

Which City in Clark County Is Right for You?

You have some great choices for cities in Clark County WA. Vancouver is the largest city with the most tourist attractions, businesses, and stores. But Camas is the safest city, and other Clark County Washington cities have a lot to offer, like family-friendly homes and neighborhoods in Battle Ground. 

Once you’ve picked Clark County cities to move to, you should hire PDX Movers. Our team of professional and experienced moving professionals serve 3,000 customers a year, including many residents in towns in Clark County Washington. Get a free estimate by calling 503-746-8795.


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